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Ages 6-8

New Fiction & Non-fiction

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Ant-Man and the Wasp Save the Day! by  Julia March
Ant-Man and the Wasp are two famous Super Heroes who can shrink or grow to any size! Meet this amazing pair, and read about their friends, foes, and team-ups.
Bead It! : Super Simple Crafts for Kids by  Tamara JM Peterson
Get creative with beads, wire, and more! Learn about the history of beads and get inspired by beadwork artists and their work. Then try out some simple bead crafts of your own.
Bubble Gum by  Catherine C. Finan
Pop! Bubble gum is a fun treat, but did you know it was first made by mistake? Oops! Learn the story of how this accidental invention turned into a favorite candy. Simple text and fun photos prove we can create wonders from whoops-es!
Bug Catchers by  Megan Litwin
Best friends and fellow bug catchers Dirt and Bugsy gather supplies and make a structure to shelter their insects from an incoming storm.
Can I Recycle This? : A Kid's Guide to Better Recycling and How to Reduce Single-Use Plastics by  Jennie Romer
Can I Recycle This? skips over preaching and platitudes common to books on environmentalism and instead gets right to the real information that kids need. It takes readers through every step of the recycling process, from the moment that they throw an item in the bin to its journey through the recycling machinery and on its way to its new life. It gives kids the answers and resources they need to be far better informed than their parents, many of whom were raised on the un-nuanced and often inaccurate recycling solves everything mantra. It shows how sorting concepts that kids already know and practice can be applied to waste. And it empowers even early elementary school children to make smarter choices about consumption and disposal, using ideas and examples that they can understand.
Engineers by  Laura K. Murray
Early readers will learn how some engineers build roads and bridges. This title highlights what engineers do, where they work, and how they help the community.
Keeper of the Gems by Jordan Quinn
The gnomes of the Stone Forest are in trouble when all the gems in the forest lose their shine, so Prince Lucas and Lady Clara help the gnomes before their home changes forever.
Let's Tell Jokes About Snakes by  Leonard Clasky
Sometimes snakes can be scary, but sometimes they can be silly! This accessible joke book shows the silly side of snakes as readers learn a variety of funny jokes starring these cool creatures.
Making a Difference From Home by  Hermione Redshaw
Earth is home to all of us, so we must take care of it. How? There are many things you can do in your own home! From recycling and reusing things to remembering to turn off the lights, learn about what you can do to help our planet.
My Book of Cats and Kittens. by  .
Discover fascinating information about cats and kittens--from their hair type, fur pattern, colors, and distinct personalities, to the differences and similarities that celebrate the unique identity of every feline!
Pokémon. Ash's Atlas by Shari Last
Travel across the Pokémon world like never before. Join Ash on an epic journey, meeting new friends and Pokémon along the way! Discover hidden villages, surf tropical waves, and explore historic castles. Find out Ash's top tips, must-sees, and what to pack for a perfect Pokémon trip.
Ponies and Horses by  Fiona Lock
Reading is my superpower. Power up your nonfiction reading skills and knowledge, and become a reading hero. Ponies and horses jump and race. Will you ride one?
Rock Hunt by  Kathleen Yale
Dig up an adventure! You can find all kinds of rocks wherever you look. Head outside with this hands-on field guide and have fun learning about them.
Sculpt It! : Super Simple Crafts for Kids by  Tamara JM Peterson
This title will get kids creative with clay, cardboard, and more. Young crafters will learn about the history of sculpture and get inspired by artists. Then they will try out some simple sculpting crafts of their own.
Stink, Superhero Superfan by Megan McDonald
Thanks to a trove of vintage comic books and a few forensic tips, Stink becomes a super sleuth in this episode honoring classic superheroes and mystery-solving.
Thank You, Teacher! by  Cate Berry
A hilarious, rhyming ode to all the teachers of young children who go above and beyond.
You Are Loved : A Book About Families by  Margaret O'Hair
From Down syndrome advocate and viral sensation Sofia Sanchez comes this beautiful and inclusive picture book about all the different ways to make a family. Families come in many different shapes and forms -- but they all teach you how to be strong and show you how loved you are. Alongside a sweet and simple narrative, the warm illustrations tell their own story.
Updated 03/22/2023