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Ages 6-8

New Fiction & Non-fiction

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12 Days of Kindness by Irene Latham
In this variation on the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, a child explores the many ways to be kind.
Ada Twist and the Disappearing Dogs by Andrea Beaty
When pets go missing in Blue River Creek it is up to Ada to follow the scientific method by making a hypothesis, collecting data, and experimenting to find the missing animals.
Blue, Barry & Pancakes. 4, Enter the Underground Throwdown by  Dan Abdo
Blue, Barry, and Pancakes are best friends! Like all friends, they can make mistakes ... but at the end of the day, they always have each other's backs. And tops, and sides, and fronts, too!
Emmett and Jez by  Hannah RenĂ© Shaw
When the piglet Emmett arrives in Fosterland, he relies on a three-legged kitten named Jez to show him the ropes.
Expedition Backyard : Exploring Nature From Country to City by  Rosemary Mosco
Mole and Vole always venture out into the world to see what nature they can find, but after an accidental move from the country to the city, the best friends have to learn to discover new plants and animals in their new environment.
I Am Dolly Parton by Brad Meltzer
Profiles the legendary country music artist, reading advocate, and philanthropist who has sent over one hundred fifty million free books to children through her Imagination Library, and describes the hardships she overcame.
Icky, Sticky Slime! by  Ximena Hastings
Did you know that a hagfish can release a bucket of slime in minutes? Or that mucus helps snails to move? Become a slime expert and learn amazing facts about some of the ickiest and slimiest creatures and things in the world!
Kaya Rides to the Rescue by  Emma Carlson Berne
Kaya is a Nez Perce girl who takes pride in helping out and supporting the tribe--and also in her beloved horse, Steps High. But when she chooses racing her horse over family responsibilities, Kaya has to prove herself to earn her tribe's respect.
Martin and Chris Kratt : The Wild Life by  Martin Kratt
Meet Chris and Martin Kratt, two brothers who turned a love of animals into an amazing career! They have produced, written, directed, and starred in several PBS series and specials over the years. Most recently, they have become known for PBS's smash hit animated show Wild Kratts. Along the way, they traveled the world and encountered incredible creatures, all while combining science education with fun.
Monsters in the Briny by  Lynn Becker
In this variation on the traditional sea shanty What Do You Do with, a ship's crew of sailors must content with mythical sea creatures, including a kraken, a sea serpent, and a giant tortoise.
Pizza and Taco. 4, Too Cool for School by Stephen Shaskan
Best friends Pizza and Taco are ready to head back to school, but there are lots of other cool kids, like Cheeseburger and B.L.T.
Rocket Ship Yoga : An Out-of-This-World Kids' Yoga Journey for Breathing, Relaxing and Mindfulness by  Bari Koral
Yoga poses for kids that are out of this world. Watch your child blast off as they join popular children and family recording artist and globally recognized kids' yoga educator Bari Koral on a cosmic yoga for kids adventure.
The Body Book by  Bipasha Choudhury
Exploring milestones in medicine and the latest scientific discoveries, this guide to the human body covers everything from the brain, skull, and mental health through how the body protects itself.
Updated 06/30/2022