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'Pullman Progress'


AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM: With the introduction of the first successfully operated air-conditioned sleeping car in 1929, The Pullman Company rapidly added this innovation in travel comfort to its equipment and by 1937 operated over 50% of all the air-conditioned passenger cars in the United States. The mechanical devices employed in air-conditiong indicated in the car are as follows: 1. INTAKES; 2. FILTERS; 3. BLOWERS; 4. COOLING COIL OR EVAPORATOR; 5. HEATING RADIATOR; 6. HOLDOVER COIL 7. DUCTS; 8. GRILLED OUTLETS; 9. COMPRESSOR; 10. CONDENSER; 11. RECEIVING TANK; 12. DOUBLE PULLEY; 13. DRIVE BELTS; 14. BEVEL GEAR UNIT; 15. DRIVE SHAFT; 16. SPEED CONTROL; 17. STANDY MOTOR; 18. TANK FOR AUXILIARY HOLDOVER SYSTEM; 19. COOLING COILS; 20. LOWER BERTH NOZZLE OUTLET.

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