Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

WILLIAM P. CAMP. The subject of this sketch is one of the Greene county inhabitants who has had the good judgment to remain in his native locality and devote his energies to the things with which he is the most familiar, hence he has had a better chance of ultimately attaining the ever-sought-for guerdon--success, in the quest for which a very large percentage of men leave their native localities and go out into strange countries among people of different habits and costumes, consequently many of them fail who would have succeeded if they had remained at home.

Mr. Camp, who owns and operates a good farm in Taylor township, near the village of Strafford, was born in this county, January 17, 1857. He is a son of John H. and Susan H. (Anderson Camp) The father was born near Petersburg, Virginia, which place was destined to become world-famous for the memorable siege there during the Civil war. The date of his birth was December 25, 1826. He grew up on farms in his native state and in Tennessee, and received a common school education. He immigrated to Greene county, Missouri, in 1851, entering a farm from the government which he improved and on which he prospered, and later became owner of a valuable farm of two hundred and twenty acres and was one of the successful general farmers of this county a generation ago. During the Civil war he joined the Home Guards, under Captain Coleman, but was in the service only a short time. Before leaving Tennessee, he was married in Rogersville, that state in 1850, to Susan H. Anderson, who was born near that town, reared and educated there. These parents died on the home farm in Greene county, the father in the year 1898, and the mother a few years prior to that time. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and she belonged to the Cumberland Presbyterian church. To John H. Camp and wife ten children were born, namely: Mrs. Martha Vaughn, Charles A. is deceased; William P., of this sketch; Mrs. Mary Danforth is deceased; Mrs. Lucy Cunningham, Mrs. Francis Barnett, Mrs. Laura Barnett, Eliza Saddler, Mrs. Lennie Cunningham and one who died in infancy, unnamed.

William P. Camp was reared on the home farm near where he now resides and there he assisted with the work in the summer months and in the winter time attended the district schools. He remained at home until he was twenty-one years of age, then began life for himself by hiring out on different farms for several years. He saved his earnings until he was able to purchase the place where he now lives, in 1894. He has a productive and well-kept farm of eighty-five acres and is making a good living and tying by something each year for the proverbial "rainy day" which is supposed to be ahead for everyone, which, however, is not necessarily true, as observation would teach.

Mr. Camp was married in 1880 to Martha Bristow, who was born in Greene county, December 21, 1863, and was reared on a farm here and attended the rural schools. She is a daughter of William H. and Lavina D. Bristow. The mother died some time ago, but the father is living in Greene county and is still active.

Twelve children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Camp, namely: Mrs. Columbus Dykes, Mrs. Maggie Potter, John H., Mrs. Bessie Mann is deceased; Mary, Cora is teaching school; Mattie, Ruth, Mark, Edith, Ruby is deceased, and Lois, who is also deceased.

Politically, Mr. Camp is a Republican. He belongs to the Masonic Order and to the Anti-Horse Thief Association. He is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church.


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