Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri • ca. 1914

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens


This work contains objectionable characterizations of ethnic groups. The Library District provides this transcript with original language to preserve the authenticity of the book.


Chapter I -- Prehistoric Races in Greene County

Evidence of Cave Dwellers and Mound Builders--Indian Implements--Characteristics of the Osages, Delawares and Kickapoos--Indian Trails--Early Explorers--First Settlers--Under Flags of Spain and France--The Old Louisiana Territory
Chapter II -- Geology, Location and Topography
Altitudes--The Ozarks--Various Rivers and Streams--Caves--The Different Formations--The Geological Ages--An Interesting Region for the Student of Geology and Archaeology.
Chapter III -- Economic Geology
Water--Springfield Water Supply--Mineral Waters--Building Stones--Sandstones--Limestone--Ornamental Stones--Lime--Soil--Road Material--Coal--Iron--Lead--Zinc--Copper--Silver--Gold--Petroleum--Local Mines.
Chapter IV -- Organization of County
Official Acts Connected with Its Formation--Beginning of the Various Townships--Giving Greene County a Legal Existence--Unique Court Documents.
Chapter V -- Early Settlement
Where the Pioneer Settlers Emigrated From--Where They First Effected Their Settlement--The Early-day Mills--Early Roads--Pioneer Schools--Churches--Customs and Manners--Going to Market--Mail Facilities.
Chapter VI -- County Government
First Set of Officers--Pioneer and Later Court Houses--Jails and Care for the Unfortunate Poor--Bond Issues--Roads and Bridges--Finances at Different Periods--A Glimpse of Early Court Proceedings.
Chapter VII -- Transportation
Railroad Building and Freighting--How Early Merchants Obtained Their Goods--First Train Into Springfield--Old Gulf Railroad--The Bolivar Branch--Springfield Traction Company--Stage Coaches.
Chapter VIII -- Farming and Stock Raising
Pioneer Methods of Farming--Old Time Implements--Smaller Farms Now--Greater Diversity of Crops--Improved Methods--Stock Raising--Products Shipped Out of the County.
Chapter IX -- Various Divisions of Greene County
History of Each Township--The Original Townships--Changes in the Civil Subdivisions--Population at Various Periods--Early Settlement of Each Township--History of Towns and Villages--Special History and Events.
Chapter X -- County Growth and Progress
Miscellaneous Events of Interest--Population by Decades--Population by Last Federal Census by Townships and Precincts--First Events in the County--Market Quotations at Different Periods--The "Rough Side of Life."
Chapter XI -- Military History
Revolutionary Soldiers--Indian Troubles--Soldiers--The Mexican War--Beginning of the Civil War--Coming of General Lyon--Battle of Wilson's Creek in Detail--Springfield Under Federals and Confederates--Zagonyi's Charge--The Battle of Springfield--Trials and Troubles of the People During the Long Struggle--Conditions Immediately After the War--Greene County's Part--The Spanish-American War
Chapter XII -- History of Public Education in Springfield
First Public Schools--High School and Various Ward Schools--Number of Pupils--Drury College--State Normal School--Old Normal School--Carnegie Public Library--Other Schools of the county.
Chapter XIII -- Bench and Bar
Prominent Early Lawyers and Jurists--Characteristics of the Members of the Greene County Bar in Pioneer Days and the Present--Names and Records of Attorneys and Judges During the Entire History of the Local Bar.
Chapter XIV -- The Practice of Medicine in Greene County
Growth of the Science--Names and Characteristics of the Pioneer Doctors--Later General Practitioners, Surgeons and Specialists--Dentists--Veterinarians--Osteopaths--Chiropractors--Hospitals.
Chapter XV -- Banks and Banking
Amount of Deposits--Annual Clearing House Figures--First Bank--First National Banks--Names of Leading Bankers of the Early Days--History of Various Banks in the Past and Present.
Chapter XVI -- The Newspapers of the County
The First Published in What Was Originally Greene County--Names of Early and Later Publication--A Brief History of Each--Names of the Publishers.
Chapter XVII -- Secret Societies
History of Masonry and Its Co-ordinate Branches in Greene County--Various Lodges--Sons of the Revolution--Grand Army Organizations--National Cemetery--Confederate Organization--Confederate Cemetery--First Decoration--Y.M.C.A.--Y.W.C.A.
Chapter XVIII--Women's Clubs
Interest Manifested in Intellectual Development After The Civil War--Names of Charter and Present Members of the Various Organizations--The Growth of the Club Movement--Some of the Things Accomplished.
Chapter XIX -- Church Denominational History
The Methodist, Baptist, Christian, Presbyterian, Congregational, Evangelical, Lutheran and Other Churches--Colored Churches--Catholic Church History
Chapter XX -- Manufacturing
Its Beginning, Growth and Present Condition--Early Plants and Shops--Modern Mills, Foundries and Other Centers of Activity--A Comparison Between Pioneer and Modern Methods.
Chapter XXI -- City of Springfield
Its Founders--Incorporation--Early-day Business Interests--Growth--Recent Years--City Governments--List of Mayors--Street Making--Fire Department--Water Works--Electric Light and Power Plants--Other Items of Interest.


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