Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens



Chapter I -- Prehistoric Races in Greene County

Evidence of Cave Dwellers and Mound Builders--Indian Implements--Characteristics of the Osages, Delawares and Kickapoos--Indian Trails--Early Explorers--First Settlers--Under Flags of Spain and France--The Old Louisiana Territory
Chapter II -- Geology, Location and Topography
Altitudes--The Ozarks--Various Rivers and Streams--Caves--The Different Formations--The Geological Ages--An Interesting Region for the Student of Geology and Archaeology.
Chapter III -- Economic Geology
Water--Springfield Water Supply--Mineral Waters--Building Stones--Sandstones--Limestone--Ornamental Stones--Lime--Soil--Road Material--Coal--Iron--Lead--Zinc--Copper--Silver--Gold--Petroleum--Local Mines.
Chapter IV -- Organization of County
Official Acts Connected with Its Formation--Beginning of the Various Townships--Giving Greene County a Legal Existence--Unique Court Documents.
Chapter V -- Early Settlement
Where the Pioneer Settlers Emigrated From--Where They First Effected Their Settlement--The Early-day Mills--Early Roads--Pioneer Schools--Churches--Customs and Manners--Going to Market--Mail Facilities.
Chapter VI -- County Government
First Set of Officers--Pioneer and Later Court Houses--Jails and Care for the Unfortunate Poor--Bond Issues--Roads and Bridges--Finances at Different Periods--A Glimpse of Early Court Proceedings.
Chapter VII -- Transportation
Railroad Building and Freighting--How Early Merchants Obtained Their Goods--First Train Into Springfield--Old Gulf Railroad--The Bolivar Branch--Springfield Traction Company--Stage Coaches.
Chapter VIII -- Farming and Stock Raising
Pioneer Methods of Farming--Old Time Implements--Smaller Farms Now--Greater Diversity of Crops--Improved Methods--Stock Raising--Products Shipped Out of the County.
Chapter IX -- Various Divisions of Greene County
History of Each Township--The Original Townships--Changes in the Civil Subdivisions--Population at Various Periods--Early Settlement of Each Township--History of Towns and Villages--Special History and Events.
Chapter X -- County Growth and Progress
Miscellaneous Events of Interest--Population by Decades--Population by Last Federal Census by Townships and Precincts--First Events in the County--Market Quotations at Different Periods--The "Rough Side of Life."
Chapter XI -- Military History
Revolutionary Soldiers--Indian Troubles--Soldiers--The Mexican War--Beginning of the Civil War--Coming of General Lyon--Battle of Wilson's Creek in Detail--Springfield Under Federals and Confederates--Zagonyi's Charge--The Battle of Springfield--Trials and Troubles of the People During the Long Struggle--Conditions Immediately After the War--Greene County's Part--The Spanish-American War
Chapter XII -- History of Public Education in Springfield
First Public Schools--High School and Various Ward Schools--Number of Pupils--Drury College--State Normal School--Old Normal School--Carnegie Public Library--Other Schools of the county.
Chapter XIII -- Bench and Bar
Prominent Early Lawyers and Jurists--Characteristics of the Members of the Greene County Bar in Pioneer Days and the Present--Names and Records of Attorneys and Judges During the Entire History of the Local Bar.
Chapter XIV -- The Practice of Medicine in Greene County
Growth of the Science--Names and Characteristics of the Pioneer Doctors--Later General Practitioners, Surgeons and Specialists--Dentists--Veterinarians--Osteopaths--Chiropractors--Hospitals.
Chapter XV -- Banks and Banking
Amount of Deposits--Annual Clearing House Figures--First Bank--First National Banks--Names of Leading Bankers of the Early Days--History of Various Banks in the Past and Present.
Chapter XVI -- The Newspapers of the County
The First Published in What Was Originally Greene County--Names of Early and Later Publication--A Brief History of Each--Names of the Publishers.
Chapter XVII -- Secret Societies
History of Masonry and Its Co-ordinate Branches in Greene County--Various Lodges--Sons of the Revolution--Grand Army Organizations--National Cemetery--Confederate Organization--Confederate Cemetery--First Decoration--Y.M.C.A.--Y.W.C.A.
Chapter XVIII--Women's Clubs
Interest Manifested in Intellectual Development After The Civil War--Names of Charter and Present Members of the Various Organizations--The Growth of the Club Movement--Some of the Things Accomplished.
Chapter XIX -- Church Denominational History
The Methodist, Baptist, Christian, Presbyterian, Congregational, Evangelical, Lutheran and Other Churches--Colored Churches--Catholic Church History
Chapter XX -- Manufacturing
Its Beginning, Growth and Present Condition--Early Plants and Shops--Modern Mills, Foundries and Other Centers of Activity--A Comparison Between Pioneer and Modern Methods.
Chapter XXI -- City of Springfield
Its Founders--Incorporation--Early-day Business Interests--Growth--Recent Years--City Governments--List of Mayors--Street Making--Fire Department--Water Works--Electric Light and Power Plants--Other Items of Interest.


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