Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

HOMER GLENN FRAME, M. D. A farmer may take good care of all his crops and animals and conduct his business at a profit, but he will find an added enjoyment and an increased profit by giving especial attention to some one crop or animal. Suppose a farmer's specialty is corn. If he does his duty by his pet crop he will raise some of the best, if not the best, corn in the neighborhood. He will not only have greater profits in the ordinary use of the crop, but the demand for his seed-corn will enable him to dispose of a large amount of it at better than the average price of seed-corn. The necessity of using only the best seed is yearly becoming more appreciated, and the man who has the reputation of growing the best corn is the one that seed buyers will seek. The reputation is the reward for building up a specialty. It is well known that the specialty of Dr. Homer Glenn Frame, of Cave Spring, Cass township, Greene county, is alfalfa. Many of the farmers of this locality have doubted the practicability of, attempting to grow alfalfa, but he is proving that our land will produce good crops of it, and showing wherein it would be to an advantage of many of his fellow tillers of the soil to let up awhile on planting their land to corn, wheat and other grains until the soil is exhausted and build it up with alfalfa, which is not only an excellent soil restorer but is a very profitable crop from a financial standpoint. The results he has obtained have been plainly visible. He is one of our progressive citizens who believe in scientific, intense farming, who is setting a splendid example, for his methods are advanced and in time will have to be adopted by most husbandman of this section of the state. Doctor Frame is also one of the leading physicians of the county and is widely known. He is active in the practice, farming being only a hobby or avocation:

Doctor Frame was born in Center township, near Bois D'Are, Greene county, Missouri, June 26, 1877. He is a son of J. William and Delilah Edna (Jones) Frame, a highly respected family of this county, mention of whom is made in a separate sketch in this volume, hence their life records will not be repeated here.

Dr. Homer G. Frame spent his boyhood days on his father's farm, where he worked hard, and he received his education in the district schools of his township, also attended high school at Marionville, Lawrence county. His father also owned a store in Bois D'Arc, in which our subject clerked for some time. Deciding to enter the medical profession, he went to St. Louis, when twenty years of age, and took the course at Washington University, where he made an excellent record and from which institution he was graduated with the class of 1902, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He further prepared himself for the successful practice of his chosen calling by spending one year as interne in the City Hospital, of St. Louis, and was also house surgeon for six months in the Missouri Pacific Railroad Hospital, in St. Louis, and he was also connected with the Frisco system for a year as surgeon in the company's hospital at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, after which he came to Bois D'Arc' his boyhood home, where he practiced successfully for three years, and on August 10, 1909, located at Cave Spring, where he has remained to the present time, and has built up a lucrative practice, which extends over a wide locality, and has been very successful as a general practitioner. He also holds a pharmaceutical degree, issued by Missouri state commissioners. He has remained a close student of all that pertains to his profession, and has, therefore, kept fully abreast of the times, and he ranks in the fore-front of medical men in a county long noted for the high order of its medical talent. Although very busy with his professional duties, he is deeply interested in farming, especially in the culture of alfalfa, as before stated, and he is experimenting with twenty acres of alfalfa on his neat and tastily-kept little farm at Cave Spring, where he has a comfortable home and attractive surroundings.

Doctor Frame is a public-spirited man, being an advocate of good roads and general public improvements, and stands ready to aid any movement having as its object the betterment of his community and county in any way.

Doctor Frame was married, December 30, 1903, to Olive Baker, a native of Bois D'Are, Greene county, where she grew to womanhood and was educated. She is a daughter of Thomas J. and Susan J. (Johnson) Baker, the father a native of Tennessee and the mother was born in Greene county, Missouri. The Bakers are well known and highly respected in Center township, this county, and vicinity.

Four children have been born to Doctor Frame and wife, namely: Mary, the youngest child, died in infancy: Evelyn, Edna and Dorothy.

Politically, Doctor Frame is a Republican. He is a member of the Greene County Medical Society and the Southwest Missouri Medical Society. Fraternally, he is a member of Masonic Lodge No. 624 at Willard, Missouri, and he and his wife are members of the Christian church at Cave Spring, the doctor being a deacon in the same. Personally he is a genial, kind, neighborly gentleman, who bears an excellent reputation for integrity, honesty and kindness, and is very popular throughout his community.


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