Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

CHARLES R. FULBRIGHT. Self-assertion is believed by many people to be absolutely necessary to success in life, and there are good reasons for the entertainment of such belief. The modest man very rarely gets what is due him. The selfish, aggressive man elbows his way to the front, takes all that is in sight with no seeming regard for the rights of others. And it would sometimes seem that modesty is a sin with self-denial the penalty. There are, however, exceptions to all rules and it is a matter greatly to be regretted that the exceptions the conditions referred to are not more numerous. One notable exception in Greene county is the case of Charles R. Fulbright, well known real estate and insurance man of Springfield, who seems to possess just a sufficient amount of modesty to be a gentleman at all times and yet sufficient persistency to win in the business world and at the same time not appear over bold; and as a result of these well and happily blended qualities, Mr. Fulbright has won and retained a host of friends throughout the county, where his life has been spent, and he is well known to all classes as a man of influence, integrity and business ability.

Mr. Fulbright was born in Springfield, Missouri, May 4, 1863, and he is a son of Judge John Y. and Martha H. (Hayden) Fulbright. Judge Fulbright was also born in Springfield, his family being one of the first settlers here, the date of his birth being May 2, 1836, and from that early day to the present time the family has done much for the general progress of the city and has stood well in the community. Here the judge spent his life, which was a long, useful and influential one, replete with honor and success worthily attained. His death occurred May 29, 1912. He devoted his life to agricultural pursuits until about 1902, when he became president of the Farmers & Merchants Bank, which position he retained until his death, and during that period of a decade his able and judicious management of the bank resulted in its rapid growth and placed it high among the sound and important institutions of its kind in the state. He helped organize this institution and took a great pride in the same from the first. He was assisted in its organization and development by its present cashier, H. M. Smith and others. Judge Fulbright also owned several hundred acres of valuable land in this section of the state, and for many years he ranked as one of the successful and prominent men of the county. Politically, he was a Democrat. He was presiding judge of the Greene county court for four years, filling the position with credit and satisfaction to all concerned. Fraternally, he was a Mason and active in the work of the order. His wife, Martha H. Hayden, was also born in Springfield, in 1843, and she too, was a representative of one of our oldest families. Her paternal grandfather, Rev. Joel H. Hayden, was a Campbellite preacher and was the first member of the family to locate in Greene county. Her father, Charles A. Hayden, was a farmer and stock man, and was well known and highly esteemed, one of the successful men of his day in this county. Mrs. Martha E. Fulbright is still living in Springfield. She has now reached her three score and ten years. She is a member of the Campbellite church.

To Judge Fulbright and wife four children were born, namely: Lucy E. Hubble of Humansville, Polk county, Missouri; Charles R., of sketch; Mrs. Mary G. Carson lives in Springfield; and W. N., who make's home in Kansas City; he is married and was formerly engaged in railroading.

Charles R. Fulbright was reared in Greene county and. he received good education in the local schools. When a young man he went to Christian county, just south of Greene county, and there engaged in merchandising for ten years, enjoying a good trade with the people of the surrounding country, from 1887 to 1897, then returned to Springfield and engaged in the real estate and insurance business and has continued in the same to the present time, building up a large and constantly growing business and ranking among the leading men in this line in the southwestern part of the state. Dealing in a straightforward, honest and courteous manner with his fellow men he has retained their confidence and respect all along. He represents a large number of old line and accident insurance companies, about twelve in all. He maintains an office in the Baker block on the public square.

Mr. Fulbright married in 1887, Laura Hornbeak, of Sparta, Missouri, although she was reared and educated in Springfield. She is a daughter of Major John and Amanda (Murray) Hornbeak, early settlers of Greene county. Her father was for many years a prosperous merchant at Sparta and Linden, this state. His death occurred about five years ago. His widow still lives in Springfield. Mrs. Fulbright also has two sisters and one brother living in Springfield, namely: T. E., who is connected with the Union National Bank; Mrs. A. T. Quisenberry, and Mrs. C. S. Burks.

One child has been born to Mr. and Mrs. Fulbright, J. M., now twenty-five years of age, who is engaged in business with his father; he married Emily Diggins.

Politically, Mr. Fulbright is a Democrat; fraternally, he belongs to the Masonic order, and in religious matters holds membership in the Campbellite church.


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