Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

JOHN H. GARTON. It is a pleasure to any one, whether farmer or not, to look over a well improved and finely kept landed estate like that of John H. Garton, of Brookline township, who has lived on the same place for a period of over a half century. He is a man who believes in keeping abreast of the times, in adopting, so far as practicable, the most approved twentieth-century methods in general farming and stock raising. As a result of his long years of husbandry he has about solved the question of scientific farming as the people of this section of the Ozark country know and understand, it today. He has always stood for progress, not only in material things but in political, educational and moral matters, an advocate of right living and honesty among public officials, and while laboring for his own welfare he has never been neglectful of the good of his neighbors and the general public.

Mr. Garton was born in Maury county, Tennessee, February 8, 1854. He is a son of Philip and Christiana (Hoffman) Garton, who spent their early lives in Tennessee, where the father was born and where his father settled in a very early day, coming to that, state from the Carolinas. The Garton family is of Scotch descent. Philip Garton grew up on a farm and he began life for himself as a general farmer in Tennessee, where he resided until 1861, when he emigrated with his family to Greene county, Missouri, and located on a large tract of land in Brookline township, which place is now occupied by his son, our subject. Here the father developed a valuable farm through his industry and good management, and became a good citizen. He was one of a family of ten boys, three of whom were triplets. Seven of the ten served during the war between the states in the Confederacy. The other three, including Philip, went into the Northland, but on account of physical disabilities none of them served in the army. The mother of the subject of this sketch was born in the Province of Saxony, Germany, and when a young girl she was brought to the United States by her parents, the family locating in Tennessee, and there she grew to womanhood and married Mr. Garton, and to them three children were born, a son and two daughters, namely: John H., of this review; Alice, who married G. Lemp, of St. Louis, and they have three children; Florence married Joseph Adams, a farmer of Brookline township, and they have four children, all daughters.

The death of Philip Garton occurred in the spring of 1895, and his wife preceded him to the grave in 1894.

John H. Garton grew to manhood on the home farm, he having been seven years of age when he removed here with his parents from Tennessee. He assisted his father in the general work of the place and here he has lived continuously and now owns the farm which consists of three hundred acres of well improved and highly cultivated land, one of the choicest farms, in fact, in the township. He carries on general farming and stock raising on an extensive scale, handling an excellent grade of live stock. He has a good home and good outbuildings and up-to-date farming implements, the Garton Place Stock Farm being equal to any in the community.

Mr. Garton was married April 4, 1900, to Nora Rose, of Greene county, where she grew to womanhood and was educated in the common schools, as was Mr. Garton. She is a daughter of Reuben Rose, a successful farmer of the western part of the county. To Mr. Rose and wife eleven children were born.

To Mr. and Mrs. Garton three children were born, one of whom died in infancy, Francis Marion, born in June, 1903; and Christiana, born in August, 1906.

Politically Mr. Garton is a Democrat, and religiously he belongs to the Presbyterian church. He has never been ambitious to be an office holder, but he is deeply interested in public matters.


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