Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

C. M. GEORGE. There is such a fascination in railroad work that those who once enter it seldom abandon it for some other vocation, and it is not by any means an uncommon thing to find that men are still working at this line of endeavor who have perhaps been offered better positions in other lines. Many will remain active in the work until old age compels them to retire or the company voluntarily retires them on a pension. They evidently do not remain in the work. because it is easier than anything else or because the element of danger is lacking, but the fascination is there, nevertheless, and, too, the remuneration is good and certain, better, perhaps, than in most lines.

One of the most capable and well known engineers on the Frisco, running out of Springfield is C. M. George, who has been in the train service here for a period of twenty-five years, although he is scarcely a middle-aged man. He was born in Montgomery, Illinois, March 20, 1870, and is a son of I. E. and Mary (Tevbaugh) George. The father was born in Henry county, Indiana, in the year 1837, and the mother was born in Illinois in 1848. Her death occurred in Springfield, Missouri, December 31, 1911. I. E. George began railroading early in life and for a period of thirty years was an engineer. He came to Springfield in 1888 and began working for the Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis road, and later worked in the company's shops here, and subsequently was employed in the Frisco shops on the North Side. His family consisted of five children, namely: C. M., of this sketch; E. E. is deceased; John W. is deceased; Della is deceased, and Bessie, who is deceased.

C. M. George spent his boyhood in Illinois and there received his education in the public schools, remaining in his native state until the fall of 1888, when he came to Springfield, Missouri, where he has made his home ever since. In March, 1889, he began firing on a freight for the Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Memphis road, with which he remained as fireman until 1897, when he was promoted to engineer, and has worked in this capacity ever since, being in the employ of the Frisco for many years, this road having purchased the old "Gulf road" in 1900. Mr. George is regarded as one of the ablest and most trustworthy engineers on the system and he has long had a regular freight run from Springfield to Thayer on the Ozark division.

Mr. George was married on December 22, 1898, at West Plains, Missouri, to Mamie Buchanan, a native of Texas, who came to Missouri with her parents when she was a child. She received a high school education. She is a daughter of W. A. and Belle Buchanan.

Three children have been born to our subject and wife, namely: Albert V., born in August, 1901; Mary Margaret, born January 5, 1905; and Rosebelle, born in 1908. They are all attending school.

Politically, Mr. George is a Democrat. Fraternally, he belongs to the Masonic order, and he is a member of Division No. 378, Brotherhood of Engineers. He resides in a neat cottage on North Grant street.


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