Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

HOWARD STRUNK GLASSMOYER. There is something in the wilderness of nature that seems to appeal to one in a subconscious way, something in the forests, the streams and all the natural nakedness of the lakes, winding waters, trees and grasses that is irresistible. The solitude is attractive. We go to the forest to glory in the silence of its intricacies, yet we care not for silence and solitude, although it is pleasant all around us. We do not feel alone. There are living things here that speak through their very silence, a medium which makes us feel. There are families who are not satisfied away from nature, away from the farm and these not only enjoy existence but also make a comfortable living, being satisfied without the huge earnings that so many city dwellers crave. Such is the Glassmoyer family, who have from generation to generation been, for the most part, tillers of the soil.

Howard Strunk Glassmoyer, a farmer of Center township, Greene county, was born near Reading, Pennsylvania, December 222, 1867. He is a son of Peter M. and Caroline (Strunk) Glassmoyer, both of whom were born and reared in the neighborhood of Reading, our subject being born in the same house in which his mother first saw the light of day. His grandparents were also born in the neighborhood of Reading. The family, for generations, were "Pennsylvania Dutch" and were characterized with the usual thrift and steady habits of that type of our citizens. There the parents of our subject grew up, attended the district schools and were married and spent their active lives engaged in farming, the father dying in his native locality in 1887, but the mother, now advanced in years, is still living at Reading. They became the parents of four children, two sons and two daughters, a son and a daughter being now deceased, a daughter is living at Reading.

Howard S. Glassmoyer grew to manhood in his native community in the old Keystone state and there he worked on the farm and attended the common schools. He has followed farming ever since he was fourteen years of age. He came to Greene county, Missouri, in 1887, and went to work for his uncle, Samuel Strunk, now of Kansas City, Kansas, and his old farm is now owned by the subject of this sketch, he having purchased it in 1907. It consists of four forties and was at one time owned by the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Company, and it lies partly in Section 12 and partly in Section 13. He is carrying on general farming and stock raising and has a comfortable home.

Our subject was married in 1892 to Anna Johnson, a daughter of Samuel C. and Lucy Johnson, and to this union six children have been born, namely: Margaret E., born in 1894 lives at home and is at this writing teaching in Center township; Earl, born on March 5, 1896, died on March 5, 1901, on his fifth birthday; Otto, born in November, 1897, lives at home and assists his father with the work on the place; Ira S., born in January, 1900; Oren, born in May, 1902; and John, born in April, 1904, are all three attending school.

Politically, Mr. Glassmoyer is a Democrat, but has never been active in political affairs.


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