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FRANK GRUBEL. There was a time when a large per cent of the cigars consumed in the United States were imported, but of recent years this is not true to such a great extent, partly because American growers have improved in the stock of tobacco produced until some grades equal any in the world and partly because our manufacturers have learned more about turning out high-grade products. One of the best known and most successful cigar manufacturers in this part of the country is Frank Grubel, of Springfield, who, as his name indicates, is of German descent, but he has resided under the stars and stripes many years.

Mr. Grubel was born on December 12, 1853, at Grafenhaynchen, Germany. He is a son of Edward and Christina (Muadrick) Grubel; both natives of the above named place also, where they grew up and were educated. The father was a woodturner by trade. He and his wife spent their lives in their native community and died there. Their family, consisted of twelve children, eight of whom are living, namely: Edward, Frank, Ernst, Minnie, Emma, Paul, Carl and Herman.

Frank Grubel lived in his native land until fourteen years of age and there received his education. He emigrated to the United States in 1868, locating in St. Louis, where he learned the cigar manufacturing business, at which he seemed to have a natural aptitude and became quite proficient, and he has continued the same to the present time with ever-increasing success. He came to Springfield, March 7, 1873, remaining a short time, then moved away, but ten years later, June 27, 1883, returned and has been in business here continuously ever since, in the cigar manufacturing business alone since 1897. In that year he formed a partnership with August Engelking, under the firm name of Engelking & Grubel, which partnership continues. They manufacture a fine grade of five and ten cent cigars, a few of their leading and well-known brands being. "Frank's Club House," "Sticker," "Little Puritan," "Frank's Financere, Hand Made," and "Promoter." They carry on both a retail and wholesale business, and employ six cigar makers and two stemmers. Only the best material is used and most modern methods employed, all cigars being hand-made. The tobacco, which enters the factory in a raw state, is purchased of the most scientific growers of the South, and it leaves the factory in the form of a fine grade of cigars, boxed, sealed, ready for market which is found very readily and over a vast territory. The factory is located at 1611 Boonville street.

Mr. Grubel was married on October 15, 1879, in East St. Louis, to Elizabeth Goetz, who was born in Louisville, Kentucky, August 27, 1859. She received a common school education.

To our subject and wife two daughters have been born, namely: Ida B., born on March 6, 1881, is teaching in a local school; Clara, born on August 10, 1882, married William Ipson, a local contractor.

Politically, Mr. Grubel is a Democrat, and fraternally he belongs to the Woodmen, Eagles and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, also the German Brotherhood.


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