Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri • ca. 1914

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

JOHN M. HALL. The record of John M. Hall is that of one of the leading twentieth century agriculturists and stock men of Franklin township, Greene county, where he owns and operates a valuable farm, specializing in dairying. His characteristics observed in demonstration are those of the matter of fact business man, reliable and responsible, careful of his antagonisms and loyal in his friendships. He is economic in the use of time, knowing that the "mill will never grind with the water that is passed," so he tries to make the best use possible of the present; for time moves as steadily as the clock ticks in its measurement, but the manifestation of things resulting during its movement is dependent upon the impetus or push applied in correlation. Knowing how and doing promptly dissolves the mysticism which wonderment attaches. Mr. Hall believes with the eulogies of Bret Harte, that "The charitable few are chiefly they whom fortune places in the middle way; Just rich enough, with economic care, to save a pittance, and a pittance spare." Mr. Hall was born October 5, 1869, in the above named township and county. He is a son of Isaac M. and Martha (King) Hall, a well known old family of this locality, full mention of whom is made in a separate sketch in this volume, hence their life records will not be reproduced here.

John M. Hall spent his boyhood days on his father's farm in Franklin township, and he received his education in the common schools of his native county, and with the exception of six months spent in Colorado, he has always lived in Franklin township. In the spring of 1907 he bought ninety-four acres, known as the McMurray farm, and his father gave him sixty acres, thus making him a farm of one hundred and fifty-four acres, which is known as the "Grove View Stock Farm," and which he has placed under a high state of improvement and cultivation, and here he is making a pronounced success as general farmer and stock raiser. Formerly he handled large numbers of mules annually, but has now turned his attention to dairying, operating a modern and sanitary dairy for several years, keeping an excellent grade of cows and he also raises large numbers of hogs, specializing in spotted Poland-China breeds, and is having great success with them. At this writing he owns two choice specimens of Poland-China hogs, one ten months old and weighing four hundred and fifty pounds. He takes great pride in his stock and the upkeep of his fine farm, believing in advanced methods whenever practicable, and everything about his place indicates thrift and good management. He has a pleasant home and large outbuildings. He has such modern farming machinery and implements as his needs require. In 1912 he built an imposing barn, sixty by seventy feet, with a capacity of one hundred tons of loose hay. It is equipped with box stalls and is well protected by lightning rods.

Mr. Hall is one of eight children, namely: Mrs. Sadie Appleby lives near Strafford, Missouri; Mary has remained on the home farm; John M., of this review; Mrs. Lillian Appleby lives in Kansas City; William lives near Gladeville, this county, on the Bolivar road; Avery lives in Franklin township; Frank makes his home in Franklin township; Charles died in infancy.

Mr. Hall was married in October 1891, to Emma Thomas, a native of Greene county, Missouri, where she grew to womanhood and received her education. She is a daughter of Jackson and Cellia (Foren) Thomas. To Mr. and Mrs. Hall six children have been born, namely: Coral; Madison, Kemling Hall, born April 4, 1915, is a native of Greene county and lives with the subject of this sketch; Mrs. Mabel Fitch, born November 17, 1893, is living at home; Hazel, born January 7, 1896, died December 26, 1901; Loal Luanna, born January 2, 1898; Dorotha C. A., born February 3, 1907, and Martha Hermosa born August 30, 1910, all at home.

Politically, Mr. Hall is a stanch Republican, but has never aspired to public office. However, he takes delight in assisting in any local movement, political or otherwise, which he thinks will be for the general good of his community.


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