Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri • ca. 1914

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

SAMUEL HERRICK. Not too often can be cited to the discouraged young man starting out in life's serious battle, the lessons to be found in the records of such self-made men as Samuel Herrick, well known transfer and storage man of Springfield. For the life histories of such men are not only interesting but instructive, showing what may be done in this free land of ours despite unfavorable early environment if one has the courage, the will and the grit to do and dare.

Mr. Herrick was born in Cole county, Missouri, June 10, 1862. He is a son of Ebenezer and Annie (Truble) Herrick. The father was a farmer, and his death occurred when our subject was twelve years of age. The death of the mother occurred in 1899.

Samuel Herrick grew to manhood on the home farm in Cole county, where he worked hard when a boy and there he received his education in the public schools. Although but a boy when his father died, he found it necessary to shoulder heavy responsibilities, and this early necessity for doing his own thinking and earning his way in the world, while hard at the time, has doubtless been responsible for his success in later life, such training often being of more value to the youth than where they are protected in every respect and have some one to plan and work for them, taking all responsibility off their shoulders. He began supporting himself when sixteen years old and has "hoed his own row" ever since. He has adapted himself to every new condition that he has found necessary to meet and has made a success of his business career.

Coming to Springfield when but a boy, Mr. Herrick here worked at a number of different things, including nearly two years in the employ of the G. D. Milligan wholesale grocery house, then worked for eighteen months with the Hadley Wholesale Grocery Company as order clerk, which was also his position with the former firm. He then went with the Keet-Rountree Dry Goods Company, where he worked as packing and shipping clerk for a period of eight and one-half years. He was an alert, capable, wide awake and trustworthy employee, and gave all these firms eminent satisfaction. While working for the last named he purchased a span of three-year-old horses and gave a man half what the horses earned by hauling on the streets. He saved his earnings from both sources until 1904, when he began a transfer and storage business in a very small way. He managed his affairs judiciously and his business grew steadily until it has now reached very large proportions, and in addition he sells automobiles, being agent for the well-known Hudson, the Regal and Grant pleasure cars and in trucks he is agent for the General Motor Truck and Dart Trucks. In connection with being agent for above named cars he has a general repair shop and sells tires and sundries. He now owns an attractive and modernly appointed home, also three good storage buildings and other properties and is in independent circumstances. One of his rules is to pay cash for everything he buys and for all labor performed for him.

Mr. Herrick was married on March 4, 1888, to Mary E. Philpott, a daughter of David A. Philpott, a resident of Servis Point, Webster county, Missouri. He is a veteran of the Civil war. The union of Mr. and Mrs. Herrick has resulted in the birth of the following children: Ira Manley, born in Webster county, April 26, 1889, was educated in the Springfield wardand high schools, also a business college here; he married a Miss Wood. Maude, born in Springfield, March 11, 1891, died in 1899; Nona, born in Springfield, March, 4, 1895, was educated in the Springfield ward and high schools, and business college; she is single and living at home. Samuel, Jr., born in Springfield, January 21, 1897, was educated in the ward, high schools, and the State Normal of this city. Neoma, born in Springfield, December 5, 1898, was educated in the ward schools and is now attending business college; Otto, born on August 15, 1900; Everett, born May 7, 1907.

While Mr. Herrick realizes the fact that he has made splendid advancement in life's affairs, he does not take all the credit to himself, admitting that the counsel and sympathy of his good wife has been of great assistance to him, and his children have also aided him in many ways; in fact, here is a mutually helpful and happy family. He has built a nice home for his eldest son, costing three thousand five hundred dollars and gave it to him. He has never neglected to do all possible for the welfare of his children and he is a great lover of his home.

Politically, Mr. Herrick is a Democrat. He belongs to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and the Modern Woodmen, and religiously the family are members of the Baptist church.


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