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JOHNSON SANITARIUM. Dr. Samuel A. Johnson, who is superintendent of the Johnson Sanitarium (for the treatment of mental and nervous diseases), was born September 15, 1863, in Daviess county, Kentucky. He is a son of John Hunt Johnson, deceased, and Anna M. (Singleton) Johnson. The father was born in Daviess county, Kentucky, July 1, 1824, and the doctor's mother was born in Hardinsburg, that state, June 5, 1832, and is still living, being now eighty-three years of age; she makes her home in Springfield. In 1872 John H. Johnson moved to Louisville in order to give his children better educational advantages, remaining in that city eight years. During this period he engaged in the tobacco business. He removed with his family to Missouri in 1878, locating on a farm near Lebanon, Laclede county, where he engaged in general farming and stock raising until 1894 when he retired from active life and located in Springfield where he spent the rest of his days.

Dr. Samuel A. Johnson received his education in the schools of his native state, later studied medicine in the Kentucky Medical College at Louisville, Kentucky, from which institution he was graduated. Not long thereafter he came to Springfield, Missouri, where he engaged in the general practice of medicine for a period of six years, then was employed in the state hospital for the insane at Nevada, Missouri, where he remained six years. He came to Springfield in 1911, and founded the Johnson Sanitarium for the treatment of mental and nervous diseases, this being the pioneer institution of its kind in this part of the state. It has been successful, from the first, largely because of the cooperation of the physicians of the southern part of the state, and most gratifying results have been obtained; the prestige of the institution is enhanced by courteous treatment to .all and satisfied patients. The institution is pleasantly and conveniently located at 807 Jefferson street. It is modernly appointed and completely equipped in every respect for the work which Dr. Johnson has outlined to do here, and its future is assured.

The institution conducts a training school for nurses where earnest devoted girls are in attendance and constantly study to promote the welfare and comfort of patients.

Dr. Johnson was married to Isadore W. Allen, of Harrisonville, Missouri, October 8, 1901. She is a daughter of James T. and Isadore (Young) Allen. She was one of two children and was born in Woodford county, Kentucky. Her paternal grandfather, Capt. James Trimble, served in the Revolutionary war, as captain of a company of riflemen under General Lewis. He remained in the service of his country all through the struggle for independence. He was born in Augusta county, Virginia, in 1756. Previously he had served at the memorable battle of Point Pleasant during the Colonial war. He married Jane Allen about 1780. She was born, March 15, 1855, in Augusta county, Virginia. Her father, Hugh Allen, was killed at the battle of Point Pleasant. After the close of the Revolutionary war, Captain Trimble and wife moved to Woodford county, Kentucky, and were prominent in the early history of that state. Mrs. Johnson's great-grandfather Trimble was opposed to slavery and he made application in the courts at Lexington, Kentucky, to manumit them. His request was refused several times, but was finally granted through the efforts of Henry Clay, then a young lawyer from Virginia. Mr. Trimble's sons became distinguished men. Three of them held commissions in the war of 1812. Allen Trimble, one of the sons, became governor of Ohio; William Trimble was a colonel in the regular army and was also a United,States senator, his death ,occurring while a member of the senate. James M. Trimble was a prominent preacher. Dr. Cary Trimble was a member of Congress. James Trimble died in Kentucky in 1804. Mrs. Johnson's maternal great-grandfather, Capt. John Peck, was on Governor Hancock's staff at the time he was chairman of the committee that signed the Declaration of Independence. Hancock, it will be remembered, was one of the early governors of Massachusetts. James T. Allen, father of our subject's wife, was a widely known stock dealer of Kentucky. He is at this writing making his home at Harrisonville, Missouri. His wife died in Woodford county, Kentucky, many years ago.

Politically, Dr. Johnson is a Democrat, and he and his wife belong to, the Methodist Episcopal church, South.


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