Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

DR. THOMAS MONTGOMERY KING. The science of osteopathy is now well established throughout the civilized world, and it has had a rapid growth during the past decade. Its merits were recognized from the first by many people, who had become skeptical in the use of drugs, but, like all sciences, whether good or bad, it had to be thoroughly demonstrated in all communities and prove the test of time. This it seems to have done, for we find today advocates of osteopathy everywhere, who claim beneficial results from it, and considering the short time it has been known, comparatively short at least to that of medical science, it has gained a wonderful foothold, one that is now assured and that no doubt will never be eradicated no matter how much opposition is met with. Any new science, creed, doctrine or philosophy meets with various kinds of antagonism, and it is only the worthy that survive.

One of the leading, capable and best known exponents of osteopathy in Springfield and Greene county is Dr. Thomas Montgomery King, who was born at College Springs, Iowa. He is a son of George Adam King, a native of Pennsylvania, in which state the latter grew to manhood and received his education. He devoted his active life to general farming and stock raising, and finally removed to College Springs, Iowa, where he spent the rest of his life, dying there on July 24, 1887, having dropped dead while at work in his fields. He married Caroline Simpson, a daughter of James McBride Simpson, a native of Pennsylvania. Her death occurred in 1897. The paternal grandfather, Solomon King, was a native of Pennsylvania, and devoted his life to farming. His wife was Esther Schotz prior to her marriage.

Dr. King grew to manhood on the home farm in Iowa and there worked when a boy. He received his early education in the public schools and at Amity College, College Springs, Iowa. He subsequently entered the American School of Osteopathy at Kirksville, Missouri, where he made an excellent record and from which he graduated in 1899. He also took a postgraduate course in the Los Angeles College of Osteopathy, which he completed in 1910. He located in Springfield, Missouri, in February, 1899, opened an office for the practice of his profession and has been here to the present time, his practice during the sixteen years having steadily grown until it has now reached very large proportions and he is kept very busy. He was one of the first osteopaths to establish himself in the practice of this profession in Springfield. He is one of the best known osteopaths in southern Missouri. He is a member of the Ozark Osteopathic Association, of which he was the first president, and is very active in the work of the same. He is also a member of the Missouri State Osteopathic Association, and was president of the same for one year. He is also a member of the American Osteopathic Association, of which he was assistant secretary for two years. He has filled these responsible positions in a most faithful, able and highly acceptable manner. Politically he votes independently, and religiously he is a member of the Presbyterian church. His offices are in the Landers building.

Dr. King married Fannie B. Clark, November 21, 1900. She is a daughter of Robert A. Clark, formerly a prominent business man of Springfield, who died many years ago. His widow, who was Julia A. Withrow prior to her marriage, was born in Virginia, and is making her home with Dr. and Mrs. King in Springfield.

Two children have been born to Dr. King and wife, namely: Julia Margaret King, born January 17, 1902, is now attending high school; and Robert Montgomery King, born April 4, 1905, is in the fifth grade in the ward schools.

Personally Dr. King is a pleasant, well-informed and courteous gentleman, who has made a host of friends since coming to Springfield.


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