Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

L. S. KUCKER. A man, of unquestioned artistic temperament is L. S. Kucker, who although practically a new-comer in Springfield, is one of our best known and most highly accomplished photographers, and a man who has made many friends since casting his lot with the people of Greene county.

Mr. Kucker, of this review, has made the photograph business a life-study and therefore has kept well abreast of the times in all phases of the work as new discoveries and advancements have been made, and he is therefore one of the most up-to-date photographers in the Southwest. He first began the business in Alta, Iowa, when about twenty years old. He was successful from the start, and, seeking a broader field for the exercise of his talents he removed later to St. Louis, Missouri, and accepted a position as special demonstrator for the Eastman Kodak Company, and he made St.. Louis his headquarters until he came to Springfield on December 1, 1909, where he has since remained, and has built up a large and lucrative business here. He has been in the same location ever since coming here--314 Boonville street, buying an old studio there. While this place was fairly well suited to his needs, he moved into one of the most attractive and convenient studios in the state in May, 1915, in the Fraternity building on St. Louis street, a handsome new structure, where he will have modernly appointed, conveniently located and attractive quarters with new and attractive equipment. He will spare neither pains nor expense in his new studio and will doubtless rank with the best in the Middle West in every respect.

Aside from his regular portrait work, Mr. Kucker does a great deal of commercial photography, which has a certain distinctness about it not commonly found and he is very successful in both lines and is always a very busy man, yet never slights any part of his work, planning to do his best, always, but promptness and courtesy as well as honesty are his watchwords. He does every kind of work which one can have done at any first-class, up-to-date studio. He is a firm believer in advertising and does a great deal of it, always judiciously. He is a member of the advertising trio watch, "300-Green," "Walkover," and "Take 'em all." He is a member of the Springfield Club, the Young Men's Business Club, and the Retailers' Association.


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