Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

JOHN P. MALLEY. The general foreman of the Frisco System boiler shops, John P. Malley, is evidently as well qualified for his position as anyone whom the company could have selected, for his record shows that he has been constantly employed about boiler shops for a period of nearly thirty-five years, or ever since he was a boy, and during this time he has had vast experience in many different places. He has been a close observer and has learned many new things about his chosen calling in each shop he has been employed, in fact, has left no stone unturned whereby he might improve himself.

Mr. Malley is of Irish parentage and has inherited many of the praise-worthy traits of that industrious people. He was born in Laporte, Indiana, September 25, 1862. He is a son of John and Mary (Consendine) Malley, both born in Ireland, where they grew to maturity, received good educations in the common schools, but were married, in Indiana. They were yet young when the immigrated to the United States. They established the family home in Laporte, Indiana, where they spent the rest of their lives, both dying there, our subject being a small boy when his father died. The father followed railroading and for years was roadmaster for the Lake Shore railroad, also the Michigan Southern railroad, being employed in that capacity by the latter road at the time of his death. To John and Mary Malley three children were born, all living at this writing, namely: John P. of this sketch; William is a tinner by trade and lives in Chicago; Charles is an engineer and also lives in Chicago.

John P. Malley had little opportunity to receive an education, however, he attended the common schools in Indiana, but he is for the most part self-taught. He was married May 24, 1900, in Kansas City, Missouri, to Mary Glennon, a native of Independence, this state, and a daughter of Patrick Glennon and wife, both natives of Ireland, from which country they immigrated to America when young. Mr. Glennon was a stone Mason by trade. His death occurred in Kansas City, as did also that of his wife. Mrs. Malley grew to womanhood in Jackson county and was educated n the common schools.

To our subject and wife one child has been born, Glennon Malley, whose birth occurred May 24, 1904.

In 1870 John P. Malley left Laporte, Indiana, and worked as check clerk in the mammoth mercantile establishment of Marshall Field's, but not desiring to continue this line of endeavor, he began his apprenticeship to the boiler maker's trade about a year later, when seventeen years of age, in the plant of McFarland & Company, of Chicago. He remained in the employ of that company for about eight years, during which time he thoroughly, mastered his trade, then went to Dubuque, Iowa, and worked about a year, then went to St. Paul, Minnesota, where he worked for the Great Northern Railroad in their shops there about two years, then returned to Iowa, and worked in Dubuque for the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Company, then went to firing on a locomotive and continued in this work a year and a half, after which he went to Texas, and was foreman at Galveston in the boiler shops of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad from 1891 until 1900, in which year he came to Springfield, Missouri, as general foreman of the boiler shops of the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Company, and has since been connected with this shop, having been general foreman of the same since 1910, and is still incumbent of that position, in which he is giving eminent satisfaction in every respect.

Politically, Mr. Malley is a Republican, and he belongs to the Catholic church.


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