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McCUTCHEON BROTHERS. One of the most extensive, best known and reliable vehicle firms in the Southwest is the McCutcheon, Bros. Vehicle and Harness Company, manufacturers sales agents for Pekin and New Ebbert farm wagons, Blue Ribbon vehicles, and wholesale manufacturers of light and heavy harness, whose large and modernly appointed place of business is located at 233-235-237 West Commercial street, Springfield, Missouri.

The firm was incorporated under the laws of the state of Missouri in 1908, located and started business at the corner of Campbell and Commercial streets, at which place the firm is still doing business, occupying a commodious, substantial and attractive brick block, conveniently located, especially as to shipping facilities. They carry a complete line of buggies, wagons and farm implements of standard makes and representing the high grade of workmanship and material. From the first their business prospered and since has shown a substantial gain in volume from year to year.

Springfield has proven itself important as a distributing center for the Ozark country on a large list of commodities, and it seemed to the McCutcheon Bros. that excellent opportunities were offered for the wholesaling of vehicles and agricultural implements, with Springfield as distributing point. Therefore, during the early part of 1912, they completed arrangements with several manufacturers of vehicles, wagon and implement lines to represent them in the sale of their lines in southwestern Missouri, north-western Arkansas and Oklahoma. They also equipped and installed a modern factory for the manufacture of harness goods. The manner in which dealers of this territory have patronized this firm is ample proof that the faith of these gentlemen in the project was not misplaced and that the distributing arrangements were thoroughly appreciated.

The firms which the McCutcheon Bros. represent are the Durant-Dort Carriage Company, manufacturers of Blue Ribbon vehicles; Pekin Wagon Company, manufacturers of Pekin and New Ebbert wagons; the Reeves Pulley Company, manufacturers of Reeves gasoline engines; Racine Sattley Company, manufacturers of corn planters, etc. The McCutcheon Bros. also distribute for Bucher & Gibbs Plow Company, Acme Harvesting Machine Company, Pattee Plow Company, Hayes Pump and Planter Company, and the American Seeding Machine Company. The firm also manufactures a complete line of harness goods which are sold under the name of "Quality Brand" harness, and which owing to their superiority to other brands find a very ready market over a wide territory.

The officers of the company are O. J. McCutcheon, president; and L. C. McCutcheon, secretary.


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