Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

JOHN A. McMEHEN. At the outset of his career John A. McMehen, well-known farmer and stockman of Walnut Grove township, Greene county, recognized the fact that it takes self-reliance, perseverance and fortitude to win success in any line of human endeavor, so he did not seek any shady lanes to the goal of prosperity, but began to work diligently and along honorable lines to advance himself and the result is that he is now numbered among the successful and progressive citizens of his locality, and is a creditable representative in every way to the McMehen family, one of the most influential in the vicinity of Walnut Grove for the past forty years or more.

Mr. McMehen was born on a farm near Champaign, Illinois, November 12, 1869, some four years after his parents, James and Hannah R. (McConnell) McMehen, settled there. (See sketch of William A. McMehen on another page of this volume for further mention of parents.)

John A. McMehen grew to manhood on the home farm, being a small boy when the family removed here from Illinois, and he received his education in the local public schools. He remained on the home farm until he reached young manhood, doing his share of the general work, then started out for himself, buying seventy-three acres from his father and at the present time he owns a productive and well-kept place of one hundred sixty-nine land one-half acres. In connection with general farming he handled livestock on an extensive scale, especially mules, and is one of the well-known and successful stockmen of the county, being all excellent judge of them.

Mr. McMehen was married on December 24, 1893, to Jessie B. Rountree, who was born in Cedar county, Missouri, October 22, 1874, and there she grew up and was educated in the public schools. She is a daughter of Thomas B. and Dorothy (Haley) Rountree, both of whom still live on the homestead in Cedar county, and are actively engaged in the mercantile business at Cain Hill, Missouri.

To Mr. and Mr. McMehen six children have been born, namely: The first child died in infancy, unnamed; John A., Jr., born August 26, 1898; Rountree, born on September 7, 1900; Blon, died on April 29, 1902; Jessie B., born March 23, 1903, and Andrew M., born December 30, 1912.

Politically, our subject is a Democrat, fraternally a member of the Masonic order, and he belongs to the Methodist church. His wife is a member of the Christian church.


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