Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

CHARLES WESLEY MORCKEL. We are told by the ancient philosophers that all in this world is in ordained form, some maintaining that in nature nothing develops with the help of man's hands. The charm that is charm is that which has become an existing object by an unhampered, ungoverned process in a natural manner. While many who love to spend their lives close to the soil, with the sustaining touch of nature on every hand, may not understand her workings, but they feel a kinship nevertheless which renders the life of the outdoor person better in every way than that of his city brother. Some, of course, not feeling that sense of harmony, do not think so. The Morckel family, of whom Charles Wesley Morckel, a farmer of east Center township, Greene county, is a creditable representative, have preferred to spend their lives in agricultural pursuits, getting both pleasure and profit from the close contact with Mother Nature.

Mr. Morckel was born March 11, 1869, in Cooper county, Missouri, near Boonville. He is a son of John Christian and Rosanna (Bandy) Morckel. The father was born in Bavaria, Germany. The mother was of French parentage, but was born in Switzerland. These parents emigrated to the United States about 1834, before their marriage; the father first located in Stark county, Ohio, and the mother in Columbiana county, that state, and they were married in the latter county about 1858, and some two years later they moved to Marshall county, Indiana, remaining there six years, then went to Illinois for two years, and from that state went to Cooper county, Missouri, locating on a farm near Boonville, where they made their home for a period of eighteen years. After spending a few years each in Vernon and Jasper counties this state, they established their home in Greene county on the farm where our subject now lives, in section 1 and 2, east Center township, in 1892, and here they spent the rest of their lives, the father dying on August 9, 1908, and the mother's death occurred on April 2, 1908. They were the parents of five children, four of whom are still living, namely: John Wesley is farming in New Mexico; William Edward is farming in Idaho; Mary Louise is the wife of Paton Gallagher and they live in Tipton, Missouri; and Charles W. of this sketch.

The subject of this review was reared on the farm and worked thereon when he became of proper age, and he received a common school education in Cooper and Jasper counties. He remained on the farm with his parents until his marriage on December 25, 1895, to Belle Young, a daughter of Charley and Kittie Young, of Murray township, this county. After his marriage he bought eighty acres adjoining his father's farm and lived on this place one and a half years, when, upon the death of his wife On July 23, 1899, he returned to the home of his parents and has since remained on the homestead. He again married in 1901, his last wife being Francisca Melkesswan. To the first union two children were born: Almeda, born on November 14, 1896; and Harry, born on May 7, 1899.

In addition to carrying on general farming Mr. Morckel devotes considerable attention to raising and handling live stock, and no small portion of his success has been derived from this source. His farm is one of the best in the township. It consists of two hundred acres, all under a high state of cultivation and improvements, including good drainage into a spring branch. The bottom land is of a soil known as black loam, the higher portions, red limestone land. In addition to the homestead he owns thirty acres of timber, not far away.

Politically he is a Republican, but is not a seeker after political honors, but is a booster for the general good of his community.


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