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Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

WILLIAM M. MORTON. One of the famous lines of "The Old Homestead," a popular play a generation ago, was "Young blood tells." This expression applies not alone to a man's social advancement, but in business life particularly, where the old men are dropping out and the younger generation stepping into their shoes. In Springfield it would seem that the young men are in the lead in almost every calling or vocation, especially in the trades. In looking over the list of engineers at the various industrial plants of the city one finds many of them mere youths, in which list occurs the name of William M. Morton, engineer at the Marblehead Lime Works. But although young according to the calendar, they have studied and wrought faithfully to become proficient in their line and are doing their work satisfactorily.

Mr. Morton was born August 20, 1880, in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a son of Frank and Tenie (Shield) Morton, natives of Tennessee. The father received a common school education and when a young man learned the blacksmith's trade, which he made his chief life work, and was regarded as an expert. He and his wife grew up in their native state and were married there, and established their home in that country. After following his trade there many years Frank Morton removed with his family to Wright county, Missouri, where he continued his trade. His family consists of five children, names as follows: Minnie married G. H. Morton and they live in Aurora, Missouri; William M. of this sketch; Fred lives in Springfield; Walter has remained in Wright county, this state; Charles is deceased.

William M. Morton assisted his father With his work when a boy, and during the winter months he attended the common schools in Wright county, and when he began life for himself it was as a farmer, which he followed with success for eight or ten years. However, he was more or less a rover in his youth and did not stay in one place long at a time, but this traveling around was beneficial to him in an educational way, for he learned by coming in actual contact with the world, having been by nature a close observer. He always had a liking for stationary engineering, and, upon coming to Springfield a number, of years ago he secured employment as engineer at the Marblehead Lime Works, which position he has filled ever since. This would indicate that he is not only a capable man in his line of endeavor but that he is entirely trustworthy and reliable.

Mr. Morton was married in Springfield December 24, 1910, to Mary Cheatham, who was born in the year 1892, in Greene county, Missouri, and she received a common school education. She is a daughter of James and Maggie (Reynolds) Cheatham, of Springfield. The father is dead and the mother is still living here.

To Mr. and Mrs. Morton one child has been born, Harvey Morton, whose birth occurred September 19, 1911. Politically our subject is a Republican.


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