Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

HARVEY MURRAY. The name of the late Harvey Murray stood out distinctly as one of the central figures in professional circles in Greene county. Continuous application through many years gave him a clear and comprehensive insight into the philosophy and basic principles of jurisprudence, and the largest wisdom as to the method and means of attainment of ends, and he achieved success in the courts when most young men are just entering upon the formative period of their lives. A high purpose and a strong will, together with virile mental powers, close application to books and devotion to duty made him eminently useful. His individuality was impressed upon any work with which he was connected, and he was always ready to assume any amount of responsibility and labor incurred in accomplishing his ends, when once he decided that he was right. He is remembered as a broad-minded, manly man, a credit to his profession And one of the leading citizens of Ash Grove, during the generation that is past.

Mr. Murray was born on a farm near Ash Grove, Greene county, Missouri, February 6, 1864, and he was a scion of one of the prominent old families of this part of the county. He was a son of William and Malinda (Stone) Murray, natives of Tennessee. The father died in Ash Grove and the mother lives in Ash Grove. The father was a farmer.

A sketch of T. J. Murray, of Springfield, a brother of our subject, will be found on another page of this work.

Harvey Murray grew to manhood on the home farm and there assisted with the general work when a boy. He enjoyed good educational advantages in the schools of Ash Grove, later studied law and was in due course of time admitted to the bar and established himself in the practice of his profession in Ash Grove. He was successful from the first and his business increased until it assumed large proportions and he ranked among the leading lawyers of the county. He was painstaking, earnest and diligent, kept fully abreast of the times in all that pertained to his profession and all fully recognized and appreciated his character for personal and professional integrity. He never failed to fulfill all proper obligations and appointments in all the relations with his fellow men, and he was ever ready to identify himself with his fellow citizens in any good work and extended a cooperating hand to advance any measure that bettered the material, civic and moral condition of his home community.

Mr. Murray was married in Bois D'Arc, Missouri, October 19, 1898, to Fannie Lambeth, who was born in Lawrence county, Missouri. She is a daughter of Jennings W. and Julia (Bymaster) Lambeth, a highly esteemed family, who finally removed from Lawrence county to Bois D'Arc, where the father of Mrs. Murray became a prosperous merchant, and there he and his wife spent the rest of their lives, both dying a number of years ago. And it was there that Mrs. Murray grew to womanhood and received a good education in the common schools. She has an attractive home in Springfield, which is a favorite gathering place for her many friends, who, never fail to find her a genial, entertaining and charming host.

The union of Mr. and Mrs. Murray was blessed by the birth of one child, Marjorie Murray, whose birth occurred on December 25, 1899. She is attending high school at this writing, and is a young lady of much promise.

Politically, Mr. Murray was a Republican, and influential in local party affairs. Fraternally, he belonged to the Masonic order.

The lamentable and untimely death of Harvey Murray occurred on September 5, 1899, by accident, resulting from a fall from a stairway in the business section of Ash Grove. His death was a shock to the people of this community where he was regarded as a leading citizen and an able and successful attorney, a man who was universally liked and respected.


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