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Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

A. D. NICHOLS. Few young men of Springfield have achieved signal success in an important calling so early as has A. D. Nichols. His career bears out the oft-heard statement that this is a young man's age and that positions of importance and lucrative remuneration are open to the youth of good habits and industry.

Mr. Nichols was born in Springfield, Missouri, December 19, 1884, and here grew to manhood and received good educational advantages. He began his railroad career when seventeen years of age as clerk and stenographer for his father, D. H. Nichols, a sketch of whose life occurs on preceding pages. The latter was at that time vice-president and general manager of the Pecos Lines, also Southern Kansas Railway Company of Texas, which properties belonged to the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company. A. D. Nichols was employed at various places in New Mexico, Texas and Kansas while connected with the Santa Fe, his principal work being stenographer and secretary to the different officials at that time connected with the road. He remained in the Southwest practically two years and then went to the Frisco System at Springfield, Missouri, where he was connected with the road's transportation department, having a clerical position under C. R. Gray, who was at that time superintendent of transportation of the Frisco.

Mr. Nichols remained with the Frisco System until he was twenty-two years of age, and in May, 1907, went to Louisiana. He was with his father and later with J. M. Parker during the promotion of the Arkansas, Louisiana & Gulf Railway Company, and after construction was started held various positions, having run track gangs, work trains and had charge of the steam shovel work. After the line was completed and in operation, which was September, 1908, he went into train service in the capacity of conductor, where he remained for a year. In 1909 he went into the office of W. J. Hillyer, at that time superintendent, as chief clerk, remaining with Mr. Hillyer one year, and 1910 was spent by Mr. Nichols as chief clerk for T. J. Shelton, traffic manager at Monroe, Louisiana. From 1910 Until May 30, 1913, he was employed as chief clerk to the general manager and car service agent. On June 1, 1913, he was employed as superintendent of transportation under J. M. Parker, receiver for the above named road, and this responsible position he has filled to the present time in a manner that has reflected much credit upon his ability and to the satisfaction of all concerned. His headquarters are in Monroe, Louisiana, in which city he now makes his home.

Mr. Nichols was married in the city of Monroe on January 4, 1911, to Bernice Margaret Renwick, a young lady of culture, and the representative of a fine old Southern family. To this union one child has been born, Joel Rountree Nichols, who is one year old at this writing.

Fraternally Mr. Nichols is a member of the Masonic Order, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and religiously he belongs to the Episcopal church. He is a young man of exemplary habits and genial address and judging from his commendable career in railroad service of the past, the biographer predicts for him a future replete with honor and success.


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