Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

ANDREW J. O'NEAL. One Of Greene County's most progressive farmers and stock raisers is Andrew J. O'Neal, of the vicinity of Republic, where he has resided for over a half century, during which he has seen wonderful changes "come over the face of the land," and in these changes from the old to the new order of things he has been by no means an idle spectator, being a public-spirited man and never withholding his aid from any worthy movement having for its object the general good of his township and county. He has ever had an honest determination of purpose and an obliging nature which impel him to assist others on the highway of life while making the path of prosperity, for himself and family.

Mr. O'Neal is a scion of one of the earliest settlers of Missouri, his grandfather invading the wilds of this domain of the red men one hundred and ten years ago, and from that remote day to the present, members of this family have been well known in southwestern Missouri and northern Arkansas. Mr. O'Neal, of this review, was born in Carroll county, Arkansas, February 18, 1848. He is a son of Charles and Martha (Hillhouse) O'Neal. The father was born in Kentucky, and when seven years of age removed with his parents from that state to Missouri, but after a short residence here moved on to Arkansas and established their home. The father of Charles O'Neal first came to Missouri in 1805, and later went to Kentucky. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. The subject of this sketch was fourteen years old when his parents left their old home in Carroll county, Arkansas, and moved to the western part of Greene county, Missouri, where they located, in 1862, during the Civil war period, and here Charles O'Neal, the father, owned and operated a good farm during the rest of his active life, dying here at the advanced age of ninety-four years, in the year 1904. He was a good man and good citizen, neighborly and hospitable, everybody knew him and respected him in this part of the county. His wife, who came from near Lebanon, Laclede county, Missouri, preceded him to the grave in 1897.

Andrew J. O'Neal grew to manhood on the home farm and there assisted with the general work when he became of proper age and he received his education in the rural schools. When a young man he began farming for himself and this has always been his occupation, He prospered with advancing years through good management and is now owner of one of the choice farms of this county, consisting of two hundred and thirty acres, which he has brought up to a fine state of improvement and on which he carries on general farming and stock raising on an extensive scale. He has a pleasant home and large convenient outbuildings, and a good grade of live stock is always to be seen about his place. His farm includes a portion of the old homestead.

Mr. O'Neal was married, January 16, 1868, to Nancy Jane Wallace, a. daughter of Thomas J. Wallace, who was born in middle Tennessee, where he spent his earlier years, and from there immigrated in an early day to Greene county, Missouri, and here became a successful farmer and spent the rest of his life. His family consisted of eleven children, four sons and seven daughters.

Andrew J. O'Neal is also one of a family of eleven children, four sons and seven daughters, four of the children being now deceased; some. are living in Arkansas and some in Greene county.

Four children have been born to our subject and wife, namely: Charles Thomas, born July 13, 1870, died at the age of sixteen years; Wilson S., who is farming in Republic township, this county, married Ruby Franklin, and they have three children, two sons and one daughter; Nora, who was the wife of Albert Franklin, died at the age of twenty-six years, leaving two children, Albert Loyd and Lola Ruth; Nellie Alice married Ross Chriswell, and they have one child, Irmyn.

Mr. O'Neal's father and four uncles were soldiers in the Civil war. Politically, our subject is a stanch Republican. In 1898 he was elected judge of the Greene County Court and served in that office two years, discharging his every duty. most faithfully and winning the hearty approval of his constituents.


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