Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

GEORGE M. SHUMAKER. The hardy, courageous and energetic blood of the race that has done much to make northern Europe one of the most progressive countries of the world flows in the veins of George. M. Shumaker, who is regarded as one of the most enterprising building contractors of Springfield, and it is a pleasure to chronicle here the events that mark his life as one of usefulness. He has successfully followed his vocation here for a period of twenty-seven years. Material wealth must not exclude the riches of character and ability in recounting the virtues which have been brought to Greene county by its citizens, and among its most precious treasures must be estimated the lives of those citizens who have by their intelligence and their activities in the higher walks of life assisted in raising the standard of citizenship in the communities which they have settled.

Mr. Shumaker was born in Seneca county, Ohio, February 4, 1839, and is therefore now well past his three score and ten milepost. He is a son of Henry and Elizabeth (Weimer) Shumaker, and is one of a family of seven children, three sons and four daughters, all now deceased but our subject and one brother. The parents of the gentleman whose name initiates this review, were both natives of Alsace, France (this being now a province of Germany). This couple established their home in Seneca county, Ohio, in pioneer days, developed a farm from the wilderness and there spent the rest of their lives, the father dying in 1855 and the mother surviving until 1888, she having spent her last days at the home of her daughter at Pierceton, Kosciusko county, Indiana. Henry Shumaker, father of our subject, grew to manhood on his father's farm in Alsace, and devoted his active life to general farming, both then and after moving to America, for years ranking among the leading farmers of his township in Seneca county, Ohio.

George M. Shumaker grew to manhood on the home farm in Seneca. county, Ohio, and there worked hard when a boy for in those early days everybody on the farm found plenty of work to do. His early education was limited to the common schools of his community. In early youth he learned the blacksmith's trade which he followed for some time, then farmed for awhile. In 1867 he moved to Kosciusko county, Indiana, where after a few years on the farm he began the manufacture of rustic furniture which he followed for a period of thirteen years with much success. He came to Springfield, Missouri, in 1887, and here established his future home. Soon thereafter he became engaged in the building and contracting business and for more than a quarter of a century he has continued in this line with most gratifying results and is one of the most widely known contractors in this section of the state. He has erected scores of substantial buildings of all kinds over this country. He has kept fully abreast of the times in all that pertains to his line of business and is not only an exceptionally skilled workman, but has a reputation for prompt and honest work. Associated in business with him is his son, Urban M. Shumaker, a young man of business ability who is now in active charge of the business, and who takes considerable interest in local public affairs and during the city campaign in the spring of 1914 was a candidate on the Progressive ticket for councilman from the first ward. Their well equipped place of business is located at 420 Pearl street.

Mr. Shumaker was married November 24, 1861, to Mary Weikert, of Tiffin, Seneca county, Ohio where she was born, grew to womanhood and received her education. Her father was a successful farmer there; his family consisted of six children, four sons and two daughters.

Five children have been born to George M. Shumaker and wife, namely: Urban M., born in 1863, married Edna Bond and they have two children, Neilson F., and Ruth V.; Howard H., an expert demonstrator of woodworking machinery, married Lucy Cheatham, has one child, and they live in Malvern, Arkansas; Clarence E., lives at Shirley, Arkansas, married Patsy Arnold, and they have two children; Ida I. is the wife of R. R. Marquis, a minister of Lawrenceville, Illinois, and they have five children; Karl, who lives in Chicago, is state secretary of Illinois for the Young Men's Christian Association, he married Gertrude Boticher, and they have three children.

George M. Shumaker is a Prohibitionist in politics. He is a member of Calvary Presbyterian church, and has been an elder in the church of this denomination for forty years. He has long been an earnest church worker and has led an upright life, striving at all times to be a humble follower of the lowly carpenter of Galilee, and his example as well as his acts and charitable deeds has been most potent for good.


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