Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri • ca. 1914

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

EDWARD GARNER TUCKER. There is an inherent something in every successful man that singles him out and sets him apart. He has ideas of his own, and in those ideas he has faith that nothing can shake. He defies precedent, ignores rules and falters not to do what others have failed to do before him. Edward Garner Tucker, president of the Tucker-Ferguson Company, of Springfield, has proven that he is a man of individual ideas and the possessor of those qualities which make for success, such attributes as ginger, candor, honesty of purpose coupled with a naturally optimistic temperament, which has been stimulated by actual observation.

Mr. Tucker is a scion of an old Southern family, and his birth occurred May 11, 1872, in Lebanon, Kentucky. He is a son of Creed H. and Rowanne (Riffe) Tucker. The father was born in Virginia, July 13, 1832, and when young in years moved to Kentucky with his parents, where he spent much of his life, successfully engaged in the hotel business until 1869, when, owing to failing health, he retired from active affairs. His death occurred in 1897. Politically, he was a Democrat, and in religious matters a Baptist. He and Rowanne Riffe were married in Lebanon, Kentucky, about 1859. She was born in the Blue Grass state in 1842 and there grew to womanhood, and, like her husband, received her education in the old-time common schools. She is still living, although past her alloted three score and ten years. She makes her home among her children, of whom there are: Mrs. Verne Powell, Boston, Massachusetts; Mrs. Florence Tucker, Doling City; and Mrs. A. H. Gifford.

Edward G. Tucker spent his boyhood in Kentucky and moved with his parents to Sedalia, Missouri, when young. He received a common school education and attended high school at Sedalia, later studied at Garfield University, Wichita, Kansas. After leaving school, he worked for the Adams Express Company in Springfield, Missouri, for a period of fourteen years, having come to this city in 1888. He gave the company eminent satisfaction in every respect and was regarded as one of their most faithful and efficient employees. He was alert, prompt, reliable and courteous. He went to Pittsburg, Kansas, in 1904, and engaged in coal mining for three years, and his ventures there as an operator were quite successful. In 1907 he returned to Springfield and engaged in the warehouse business, enjoying a good patronage for two years, and in 1909 he and C. A. Ferguson incorporated the company of which he is now president and manager, and which, by his able management and close application, has grown to large proportions. They conduct one of the best known and most successful storage and transfer businesses in this part of the state.

A detailed description of the Tucker-Ferguson Company will be found on another page of this volume, to which the reader is respectfully directed.

Politically, Mr. Tucker is a Democrat; however, he votes independently in local matters. Religiously, he is a member of the Christian church.

Mr. Tucker was married, August 15, 1897, to Elizabeth Ferguson, who was born, October 5, 1876, in Springfield. She received a good education, and is a daughter of John R., Sr. and Virginia Ferguson.

Five children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Tucker, namely: Edward G., Jr., born February 14, 1899, died when seventeen months old; Florence R., born in 1902; Edna M., born in 1905; Anna E., born in 1907; Alice B., born in 1911. The daughters are all in school.


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