Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri • ca. 1914

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

ALFRED H. VAN BIBBER. Even though every other condition may be exactly right, even to the weather, farmers are beginning to learn that the success of any crop, whatever the kind, depends upon the seed. An increasing proportion of farmers do not think of planting their corn without first testing the seed thoroughly; but how about the clover, the garden seeds, and so on through the list? The tiller of the soil is learning that he can not afford to run the risk of poor seed with them any more than with the corn. It is not hard nor does it take much time to sprout one hundred or less seeds of most kinds. Then you know instead of guessing. This and many other phases of advanced agriculture has been learned by Alfred H. Van Bibber, a farmer of Campbell township, Greene county.

Mr. Van Bibber was born on May 17, 1858, at Cave Spring, in the northern part of Greene county, Missouri, and when a small boy moved to Springfield and a few years later moved to the old home place where he now lives. He received a practical education in the district schools, starting farming when twenty-one years old. He is a son of James D. and Caroline (Staley) Van Bibber. The father was born in Clay county, Missouri, in 1828, and the mother was born in North Carolina, in 1837. She immigrated with her parents to Greene county, Missouri, in an early day and here she has since made her home, and is still living on the homestead, now advanced in years. James D. Van Bibber grew up on the farm and received a limited education in the old subscription schools in which his wife was also educated. His father, Joseph Van Bibber, was one of the earliest settlers of Clay county, Missouri, he and his wife having removed there from Virginia. James D. Van Bibber received sufficient education to enable him to teach school for some time when a young man. He moved from Clay county to Arkansas and later to Greene county, being about sixteen years old when coming here, and for some time engaged in mercantile pursuits in Springfield. In 1874 he was elected to the office of county clerk of Greene county, and the fact that he was re-elected several times, serving in all twelve years, would indicate that he was a man of ability and discharged his duties faithfully and satisfactorily. He was a merchant for several years, and later purchased a farm near Cave Spring, Iowa, in 1887, established the family home of two hundred and forty acres in North Campbell township. His death occurred in 199. Politically, he was a Democrat and was influential in the affairs of his party. Fraternally, he was a member of the Masonic Order. He was a man well informed on current topics and led a useful and upright life, leaving behind him a host of friends.

Only two children were born to James D. Van Bibber and wife, namely: Alfred H., of this sketch; and Laura Belle, who has remained single and is living at home with her mother.

Alfred H. Van Bibber has devoted his attention to general farming, for the most part, and is now owner of a good farm on sixty-six acres, a part of the homestead, which consisted of one hundred and forty acres. The land is all tillable and has been kept well cultivated and the improvements are fairly good in every respect, the father of our subject making most of the improvements now seen on the place. In connection with general farming Mr. Van Bibber makes a specialty of raising Jersey cows and Chester White hogs.

Politically, he is a Democrat, but he has never been as active in public affairs as his worthy father before him, and has never cared for office.


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