Jonathan Fairbanks and Clyde Edwin Tuck

Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri

Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records
of Many of the Representative Citizens

GEORGE F. WINTERS. It is the men of broad and comprehensive views who give life to communities--men who have foresight and energy, pluck and energy to forward whatever enterprises they are interested in and who still retain an untarnished reputation through it all. Such a man is George F. Winters, superintendent of the Springfield Wagon Works. He is deserving of a great deal of credit for what he has accomplished, for he has mounted the ladder of success without the aid of anyone and by honest efforts, having from the beginning of his career sought to do well whatever he undertook.

Mr. Winters was born September 13, 1873, at Cincinnati, Arkansas. He is a son of Charles Winters, who was born in Dayton, Ohio, and who is now living in retirement in Springfield, after working for the Springfield Wagon Works about twenty-four years. He came to this city in 1883, having previously been employed by the James Oats Wagon Works at Cincinnati, Arkansas, making wagon gears under contract. He learned the wood worker's trade when a young man and became quite expert in the same. On March 9, 1915, he reached the age of eighty years. He is a self-made man, has always been a great reader, and when nineteen years old taught school for some time in Chicago. For a period of nine years he was in the employ of the government, making wagons, and worked at this during the Civil war in Springfield. However, he spent three years of the war period as a private in an Iowa volunteer infantry regiment. Politically, he is now a Democrat, but in his earlier life was a Republican. He belongs to the Grand Army of the Republic, and is a member of the Presbyterian church. His wife was known in her maidenhood as Lucy Moller, a daughter of William Moller, of Springfield. To Charles Winter and wife eight children were born, namely: Della is the wife of F. L. McClellan, who is in the post office service in Omaha, Nebraska; William is engaged in the poultry business at Houston, Texas; Charles, Jr., is connected with the wagon works at Fort Smith, Arkansas; George F., of this sketch;. Samuel died in infancy; Hazel died in infancy; Winnie is the widow of Lawrence Denman, deceased; Bert is engaged in the poultry business in Springfield.

George F. Winters grew to manhood in Arkansas and received his education in the schools of Fayetteville. He left school when seventeen years of age and went to work in a grocery store, then sold hay for six months, after which he came to Springfield on October 23, 1890, and soon thereafter found employment at the Springfield Wagon Works, laboring in the yards for sixty cents a day, then worked in the wood shop there until 1900, at bench work, and ran a wood shaper. He was then promoted to foreman of the mill room or the wood shop, which position he held until 1914, when he was promoted to the responsible position he now holds, that of superintendent of the entire plant, the duties of which he is discharging, in a manner that reflects much credit upon his ability and fidelity and to the entire satisfaction of all concerned. He has on an average one hundred and twenty men under his direction, and he knows how to handle them so as to get the best results and at the same time keep on the best of terms with them. He understands thoroughly every phase of the business and is a conscientious, industrious workman, who has been the recipient of the highest trust from the head officials of the plant from the first. He has been employed continuously in this widely known plant for nearly twenty-five years.

Mr. Winters was married in 1900 to Letha Van Hoosen, a daughter of Alex Van Hoosen, a traveling salesman, who was born in North Carolina. The union of our subject and wife has been without issue.

Politically, Mr. Winters is a Democrat. He carries large life insurance. He belongs to the Presbyterian church.


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