Vol. I, No. 4, Spring 1988


H-Bomb Plant for Irish Wilderness?

South Central Missouri is excited over the prospect of the establishment of an H-Bomb energy production and research plant in the Irish Wilderness.

At a mass meeting at Alton, Congressman A. S. J. Carnahan .... said the Government might want as much as 200,000 acres in which to build the plant.

The site would have to be near the central part of the United States for military reasons; it would have to be isolated from populous areas, yet close enough to developed communities to avail itself of as much housing and other social facilities as possible. The Irish Wilderness, where the Government owns 327, 000 acres of unimproved and little occupied land in Shannon, Carter, Oregon and Ripley Counties, meets all requirements.

Public spirited citizens throughout this section are making a strong campaign to have the plant established in the Irish Wilderness .... There is considerable expense involved in the fight to have this multi-million dollar project located here, and donations are being made toward this expense.

From the Eminence Current Wave, August 24, 1950


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