Vol. II, No. 1, Summer 1988


Did you notice what it said on the front page? "OzarksWatch. Volume II. Number 1." Volume II! OzarksWatch is beginning its second year of publication.

While the event may not rate an interview on the Today show, the Editors feel that it deserves at least a WatchNote in this very special issue devoted to Ozarks dwelling and dwellings.

If this issue of OzarksWatch feels a little heftier, it's because its bigger. We started with 8 pages, but soon moved to 12. Now we've gone to 16 pages so that we can cover topics in a little more depth. And use more pictures, charts, and maps. We hope you like those.

Our mailing list is at about 1600 names and growing. It's growing because a number of you tell us you

appreciate the publication and ask us to add the names of friends and neighbors and relatives. We're proud of our mailing list. We think it's a quality group of folks who are reading OzarksWatch -- people who are interested in and really care about the region. While, as you might expect, the majority of our readers live in the Ozarks, copies of OzarksWatch are mailed to readers in 29 states.

Because OzarksWatch is for and about the people and events in the Ozarks, our readers' reactions are important and vital to our efforts to watch the Ozarks. We welcome and encourage your input on any issue or topic we've covered, as well as any ideas or suggestions you have for future issues.

Let's hear from you!


Copyright -- OzarksWatch

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