Vol. II, No. 3, Winter 1989

From Our Readers

I just read the Fall OzarksWatch from cover to cover and enjoyed it immensely. The pieces fit together well, and each of them added to my understanding of the Ozarks and Missouri. Be certain to include me among those supporting the OzarksWatch Society.

Lawrence O. Christensen
University of Missouri,
Rolla, MO

Fascinating, interesting and funny article on "Where is the Ozarks?" (OzarksWatch, Spring, 1988).

I'm a former Californian and retired news reporter who, with my wife, has fallen in love with this section of Missouri. Came across your magazine in our local library and would love to be added to your reader's list.

I am sure I'll be able to steal more than a few of the unique features of this locale to impress my California kin and friends that we've discovered an as-yet unspoiled part of Paradise.

Bill Parker
Lebanon, MO

I would appreciate obtaining a copy of the Summer 1988 OzarksWatch.

This particular issue came to my attention on a field trip conducted by the University of Arkansas Museum and used as a "guide" by the director. It was most informative.

Freda M. Hall
Fayetteville, AR

I have really been enjoying your publication. This last one particularly, dealing with Ozarks religion, was excellent, depicting as it did the tremendous variety of religious experiences in our so-called "Bible Belt," which certainly dispels the old stereotypes even as it reinforces them. That's dichotomy for you !

William E. Parrish
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MI

I would greatly appreciate being placed on the mailing list for this publication. I have done extensive research on the Ozarks region, and I would find such a publication of great interest to my work.

Martin S. Kenzer
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA

Note: Dr. Kenzer has a particular interest in and has written about Carl Sauer and German immigration to the northern Ozarks.


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