Vol. II, No. 4, Spring 1989

From Our Readers

The work you are doing for the Ozarks region is certainly commendable. We especially enjoy reading OzarksWatch and keep each issue in a special file so we can enjoy it again in the future.

Edgar and Mildred Albin
Springfield, Mo.

Thanks for another excellent issue of OzarksWatch. I'm delighted that our office had an opportunity to be involved in the preservation of the extremely valuable Madison County Probate Records. I look forward to many more such cooperative projects in the future.

Roy D. Blunt
Secretary of State
Jefferson City, Mo.

You should be very proud of the publication. It offers a badly needed forum for topics related to the Ozarks.

William Ferris, Director
Center for the Study
of Southern Culture The University of Mississippi

I have enjoyed reading the OzarksWatch publications a great deal and I am extremely grateful that you have included my name on your mailing list. I am a fourth generation Ozarks resident and I have developed a keen interest in our region.

Joe Driskill
Missouri House of Representatives District 154
Doniphan, Mo.

As a group (Friends of Lake Taneycomo) which is vitally concerned with the future of the Ozarks, we feel your publication will prove to be of interest and use to us in our efforts here in Taney County.

Bill Sheriff
Branson, Mo.

The announcement on the "Shun-pike Discovery Tour" has just arrived. The greatest pain I bear is the 1,400 miles that separates the Queen City of the Ozarks from "Beantown." Eileen and I have left the Ozarks but the Ozarks have not left us. It is hard to get the region out of one's system and psyche. We... wish you well in your pursuit of enjoyment as well as undertanding.

Robert E. Cooley, President
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Boston, Mass.

All of us who have long suspected that there is something extraordinary about the rich and complex regions of Missouri, particularly the Ozarks, that is not being properly studied and celebrated, at last have some confirmation of this suspicion in your publication. You have found a wonderful way, through OzarksWatch, to explore the many aspects of the Ozarks. I look forward to each new issue, and encourage you to both continue and expand upon your important explorations of a fascinating and endlessly surprising region.

James M. Denny
Jefferson City, Mo.

I believe that OzarksWatch is a really wonderful addition to our printed media of Southwest Missouri.

Doyle Childers
Missouri House of Representatives District 132
Reeds Spring, Mo.

I enjoyed Love House (OzarksWatch, Summer, 1988) It is gratifying to see the Ozarks receiving the acclaim the region so richly deserves.

Jean Tyree Hamilton
Marshall, Mo.

I was born and raised at Granby, on the western edge of the Ozarks, I guess it would be described, and have lived for more than 30 years in central Missouri, on the northern fringes. So I guess that makes me a lifetime Ozarker. Anyway, I applaud your efforts and wish you much success.

Bill Nunn
TheWestphalia Press
Loose Creek, Mo.

We have just read our first issue of OzarksWatch from the Kinderhook Library in Lebanon, Mo. You have published a beautiful and informative magazine. We would like to subscribe so we can keep our own copies here at home. I'd also like to ask if you could send any back issues that might be available. We are home schooling our daughter and I think your magazine could be a great tool for regional history.

Maggy Gagnon
Camdenton, Mo.

Recently I was in a doctor's office on S. National and picked up the OzarksWatch. Only had a short time and am interested in our Ozarks, and the history, which much is being lost.

I was born in 1903, and lived through the many changes. I have a lot of information I would like for someone to preserve. At the age of 4 I remember seeing logs hauled to my father's saw mill by ox-team. I would like to receive OzarksWatch and become a member.

Efta M. Giles
Mountain Grove, Mo.

The Iron County Historical Society would very much appreciate a subscription to OzarksWatch. The Winter edition about Fredericktown is most interesting and impressive. Of course, you had good subject matter.

Elizabeth Holloman,
President Iron County Historical Society
Ironton, Mo.

The new bishop of the Western Diocese of Missouri visited historic Christ Episcopal Church for the first time recently. We were pleased to present him a copy of the fall 1988 issue of OzarksWatch devoted to religion in the Ozarks and featuring our church in the Preservation Corner.

Joe George
Past Senior Warden Christ Episcopal Church
Springfield, Mo.


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