Vol. III, No. 1, Summer 1989

The OzarksWatch Society

A three-day bus tour is planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 27-29, 1989, of major public land preserves in the upper Current River basin of the south central Missouri Ozarks.

The tour begins at noon Friday from Springfield. Lodging Friday night is at Montauk State Park, located southwest of Salem, Mo. The tour resumes Saturday morning. Saturday tour stops include Shannondale, Round Spring, Alley Spring, Forest Service Headquarters at Winona, and Falling Spring Mill. Lodging Saturday night is at Van Buren, Mo.

Sunday stops include Midco, Peck Ranch Wildlife Preserve and Big Spring. The tour ends at approximately 7 p.m. in Springfield. The tour leaders are Dr. Bob Flanders, SMSU history professor, director of the Center of Ozarks Studies and Dr. Bob Gilmore, SMSU director of Travel and Tourism. Also included are several site interpreters.

For further details write or call the Office of Continuing Education, 901 S. National, Springfield MO 65804, 417/ 836-6660.


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