Vol. IV, No. 1, Summer 1990

From our readers:

The article on our recreational business ["The Oldest Resort on Bull Shoals Lake," OzarksWatch, Spring, 1990] is greatly appreciated. Thanks. In some way our daughter Barbara failed to get mentioned in the article. My wife Polly and Barbara were both active participants in the new business, Barb working especially with the old motel units. While son Bill attended a one-room school in Lutie (later to become Theodosia), Barbara rode a school bus into Gainesville to go to high school. While the Theodosia bridge was under construction this ride was over 50 miles one way.

Barb married Carl L. Wehrman in 1956, and left Theodosia. They now live in Forsyth where she is Assistant Publisher of the Ozarks Mountaineer.

Thanks for making this addition to the story.

L. B. Cook, Jr.
Theodosia, Missouri

This short note is just to say that I am thoroughly enjoying OzarksWatch and want you to know that the work is really appreciated. I know that you get lots of compliments on it.

Bob Massengale
Rural Development Specialist
Fulton, Missouri

The article on the State Fruit Experiment Station in the winter issue of OzarksWatch was very good. This was the perfect kickoff for our renewed effort to have the interior of Farout Hall remodelled.

Jeannie Ireland, interior designer in the Department of Consumer and Family Studies at SMSU, has just completed a new design with complete plans for Farout Hall. She has incorporated into her plan features of the era in which the station was founded and Farout Hall was built, which will help emphasize the historical significance of the Fruit Experiment Station. A conference room in the tower would be refurbished in keeping with that period.

Thank you very much for doing the article and for your interest in the Fruit Experiment Station. enjoyed the whole issue on food.

James. F. Moore, Jr.
Director, State Fruit Experiment Station
Mountain Grove, Missouri

Thank you so much for enlightening your readers about the history behind "Old Matt's Cabin." Until recently it has been one of my favorite places to visit, listen to the stories by the guides, and just sit on the bench overlooking the beautiful hills of the Ozarks.

I am a "come lately" to these Ozarks, but I would like to share my feelings with your readers. I am curious whether anyone else, be they native or "come lately," have the same feelings.

My husband and I grew up in a mid-sized town in Illinois and had never lived anywhere else, but some ten to twelve years ago, when we began to vacation in the Ozarks, we often said if we ever had an opportunity to move to the Ozarks, we would. The opportunity came seven years ago and we grabbed it! My husband, children and myself left roots, parents, and friends to seek out new roots and adventure. We lost a lot, but we gained more in the move.

It is hard for me to put into words just how I feel about the hills of the Ozarks. I can sit for hours and look out over the balds and valleys. Sometimes the feelings are so deep that my eyes fill and a calm comes over me that I have never found anywhere else. How many times I have wished that my roots were here, but would I appreciate the Ozarks as much? Does a "born here" feel these strong feelings?

Thank you for allowing me to express myself and also for your publication, I try to read anything I can find on the Ozarks. Your magazine is just one more thing to help me learn about the area rye come to love.

Suzanne Walker
Republic, Missouri

Receiving the Foods issue of OzarksWatch reminds me that this will be the 24th year for Mt. Vernon's "Apple Butter Makin' Days." The prime attraction of Apple Butter Makin' Days is the making of apple butter the old-fashioned way--in large copper kettles over an open fire. The apple butter cooks throughout the day (it has to be stirred constantly, so it takes a crowd of people) and is jarred for sale that afternoon or evening. Groups get together several weeks ahead, too, to make up enough apple butter to meet the demand.

The festival will be held Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13, on the courthouse square in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. There will also be arts and crafts, old-time games, and entertainment.

Kathy Fairchild
Mt. Vernon, Missouri


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