Vol. IV, No. 2, Fall 1990


"Women" is different from any edition of OzarksWatch before it. The theme is arguably the most important of any--certainly it is the most general and demanding. This is the first OzarksWatch with a guest editor; all authors are women; and all articles are primarily or entirely about women. Most are biographical or autobiographical. Most are highly personal. Most are about relationships--mother and daughter, memories of women and families beyond the memory of the writers, searches for women ancestors, etc. One relationship not apparent in the writings: Margaret Gilmore Kelso, the first episode of whose memoir appears here, was the great-great aunt of guest editor Julie Gilmore Blood-worth.

The Ozarks, like most regions, possesses a wealth of able writers, many of them women, many unpublished. We are pleased and proud that some appear in this special issue of Ozarks Watch.

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