Vol. IV, No. 4, Spring 1991 / Vol. V, No. 1, Summer 1991

A Letter From Emma

Editor Hooper provides the following letter in original holograph, written at Bolivar, the county seat of Polk County.
At Home/Bolivar, Missouri, April 26th/63

Dear Sister,

I have written to you some time ago and Rec[eived] no answer; and now I will write you again and I want you if you pleas to write imediately as we are varry anxious to hear from you and we are vary uneasy about Brother as we heard he wag varry sick the last we heard from him. I have sent time and again to the office and get no letter; and now I want you to be sure and write soon and dont fail we are all well at this time; they Boys are at home; but since I commenced writing the Boys has been called to meet at Bolivar in the Morning, and I fear they will have to leave home and maby never to Return; there is great Excitement up here now; there was @ band of Rebels pased threw here last Sunday and Striped Seven Militia Prisoners and killed them and left them lying in the Woods near Humansville and they were not found untill last Thursday and was buried @ Friday at Bolivar, and this has caused @ general Excitement with the people; and I think they will call all the Militia in Servis again; well I must quit as it is geting late hasun [hasten] and write soon to your loving Sister



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