Vol. V, No. 2, Fall 1991

From Our Readers

The special Civil War double issue of OzarksWatch elicited several nice responses from our readers. A sampling:

I definitely am not a Civil War buff. But, when the current issue of OzarksWatch arrived and I started reading it, I had trouble stopping long enough to eat.

The amount of research you and others did for this issue is unbelievable. It was an outstanding issue...we need more of this kind.

--L.B. Cook
Theodosia, MO

We recently received our copy of the Civil War and the Ozarks map along with our library's subscription to OzarksWatch. The map provides a wealth of information and is nicely prepared.

We are interested in being able to obtain three additional copies of this map for our Reference Department, Special Collections Division, and Map

Collection. We anticipate frequent use of this map, with the great interest by our patrons in the Civil War and the Ozarks.

--Janet B. Dixon, Map Librarian
University of Arkansas Libraries

The special Civil War issue and the Ozarks map are both terrific!! Thank you so much!

----Marsha Rising
Springfield, MO

The last issue of the magazine was the best yet, especially valuable in its scope, quality of research, and honesty--I say honesty because there seems to be so much romantic drivel written about the Civil War.

--Julie March,
Curator Museum of Ozarks History
Springfield, MO

I enjoyed the special issue on the Civil War. I can't understand why more emphasis nationwide is not paid to the importance of Missouri to both sides and the devastating results of the War on its people for years. Being more of a social historian, I am more interested in what life was like for the people and the long range effects on the area than I am in the details of the battles. Your map, with the county-by-county incidents and clashes, illustrates better than anything else I've seen how widespread and continual the War affected the area.

--EllenGray Massey
Lebanon, MO

[The magazine and the map] are both impressive. The information and presentation are fascinating. I am sure it took a lot of work to publish these pieces. They should get a tremendous reception from Civil War and regional historians.

Congrats too, on the expansion of OzarksWatch into the larger magazine format. The content and design are first class.

---Roger Yarrington
Executive Director Herald House Press
Independence, MO

I thoroughly appreciated the Civil War edition of OzarksWatch and the map. Many family legends likely arose from this unfortunate page in our history where, in the blinding smoke of battle, brother fought brother and son possibly fought father.

Virginia R. Snyder
Bismarck, MO

When I picked up our mail, OzarksWatch was there and even before I read the letters in the mail, I read the Civil War issue from cover to cover. This issue has the ability to stop all other activity until it has been completely read. A great job. Best of all, it fills a gap in the written Civil War history of our region.

--Jerry Ponder
Fairdealing, MO

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