Vol. VII, No. 1, Summer 1993


Assorted clip art and news clippings that bordered several pages in this issue.

 The election last Tuesday went by smoothly. We just had 19 voters so we had plenty of time to talk our troubles over, but I don't recall any serious trouble, no one but Woodrow Enloe and if I'm not mistaken I think he ran over every good dog he ever had. The trouble stopped when Woodrow stopped trying to have a stock dog.

Brixey correspondent

Douglas County, Missouri, Herald


In clarification of a story run in the News Jan 4 on Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kinder's state championship jumping mule, they wish to say they don't feel the mule is as valuable as the story implied, and that they felt other mules in this area were just as good as their mule.

Correction, Salem, Missouri, News



If you are worrying about some small ache or pain just remember how little you would be impressed if somebody told you they had one just like it. Editorial

Lamar, Missouri, Democrat

It is said that too many parents tie up the dog and let the kids run loose.

J.E. Dunlap, Jr.

Boone County, Arkansas Headlight

He enjoys being with friends and going to church with good Christians. His hobby is milking the family cow (Myrtle). She's presently dry.

Feature story conclusion

Humansville, Missouri Star-Leader


The senior citizens met Thursday. Nine people ate lunch. We ate a very delicious cobbler made by Vae Howard. I said it was cherry. Oma Nash said it was peach, so Vae said, "Well, I had left-over fruit, so I put a dab of this and a dab of that," so we called it the "Dab Cobbler."

West Dora correspondent

West Plains, Missouri Quill

First thing I want to correct an error I've been making for weeks. When the new neighbors first bought the piece across the road from us back real early in the spring, I was told that they were from Ohio. Now I'm told they are from Iowa. I'm very sorry.

Ash Grove community correspondent

Cabool, Missouri Enterprise



I went to Friendview Church morning and evening. Not too many were out, but the Lord was there, and that's what counts.

Rommance community

Douglas County, Missouri Herald

Already that gypsy lass, October, is dancing our way on sandled feet, tripping the brittle grass with gay abandon. Mary Scott Hair "Samanthy"

Stone County, Missouri News-Oracle

O'Possum Bites Dogcatcher's Cow


West Plains, Missouri Quill

Due to bad weather and muddy roads, our revival was postponed again. They keep putting it off from Saturday night to Saturday night, so maybe it is the Lord's will everyone can get tuned up enough to go. Several of the church members live on county roads and the mud is so bad they have fell through. High Lonesome correspondent

Douglas County, Missouri Herald


I think a good cold glass of ice tea with a squeeze of lemon is the best thing there is for a quick pick up on a hot day. My husband and I didn't agree on that. He held out for beer.

Lowry City reporter

St. Clair County, Missouri Courier

Ron Murray and family Sundayed with homefolks.

Community correspondent

Ash Grove, Missouri Commonwealth

Green Forest needs a public well. Now is the time to dig. What do you say business men? A well on the square a depth of 30 feet would furnish an abundance of water and would supply all public demands.

Let's have it. The Tribune will head the list with $2.00.

Editor's note

Green Forest, Arkansas Tribune

An exchange has figured it out that a bushel of corn makes four gallons of whiskey which retails at $16. Out of this the government gets three dollars, the railroad one dollar, the manufacturer four dollars, the vendor seven dollars and sixty cents, and the farmer forty cents and the drinker the delirium tremens. Exchange item

Ozark County, Missouri News


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