Vol. VII, No. 2, Fall 1993 / Winter 1994

Letters From Readers...

December 14, 1993

Dear Sirs:

Someone gave me your '93 OzarksWatch magazine. I would like: 1 Civil War and the Ozarks issue $6.00 and 1 Anthology issue - $4.00

It's a great and informative magazine.

Hope you can read this, no feeling in my hands or feet.

By the way there is a lot of History here. Live on top of Shiloh Ridge.

Old Leg Cabin Spring and History of Old Moonshiner. (Abshire Cabin, Old Pippin House, Caney Springs} There is even 4 old pear trees down in his old orchard (80 yr' old). Can see about 25 miles and the forest here is 260 acres by the Mark Twain U.S. Forest. Ask anybody about Pippin in Ozark County. We are the Ozark County in the United States. Also a old pine forest in back of property.

Enclosed is check for- $10.

Best wishes,

Harry Hamann


I am a teacher at the Lebanon High school. This year I took ever a course called Ozarkia which is a study of the history and culture of the Ozarks region far juniors and seniors. I have used the OzarksWatch magazine in class and as the basis of same lessen plans. I recently erdered the Civil War back issue and the Civil War map which I have enjoyed a great deal.


Paul Dudley


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