Vol. VII, No. 3, Spring 1994

The Time of The Great Depression: A Quiz

(No prizes, just reminiscing for fun)

Prepared by Hugh Crumpler

Write the letter from the right column before the appropriate number in the left column. Here's a freebie to get you started.

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt A. President of the U.S.

Now you're on your own! You'll find the answers somewhere in OzarksWatch.

Group I, Authors and Artists

__1. Edgar A. Guest

__2. John Steinbeck

__3. Vance Randolph

__4. Arthur Toscanini

__5. Will Rogers

__6. Paul Muni

__7. Margaret Mitchell

__8. Orson Wells

__9. Dale Carnegie

__10. Sally Rand

__11. Woody Guthrie

__ 12. Marian Anderson

A. Humorist, columnist, star of stage, screen, radio. "I am not a member of any organized party. I am a Democrat."

B. Noted character actor; I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, 1932; and other movies.

C. Most popular rhymer; his newspaper column printed a new poem every day.

D. Author of best-seller, Gone With The Wind, 1936.

E. Missourian who wrote all-time-best-seller, How to Win Friends and Influence People, 1937.

F. Black contralto; DAR refused her performance in Constitution Hall, 1939.

G. Ozarks writer who collected folk tales and songs in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

H.Author, The Grapes of Wrath, 1939.

I. Folk singer and song writer; "The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd."

J. Maestro of NBC Symphony Orchestra. So powerful his contract forbade radio from ending his performances, no matter how long they went beyond allotted time.

K. Missourian who performed fan dance at 1933 World's Fair.

L. Producer and star of radio drama, War of the Worlds, that produced panic in some cities, 1938.

Group II, Places and Things

__1. "Hoovervilles"

__2. The Blue Eagle

__3. The "Hindenburg"

__4. Literary Digest

__5. Empire State Building

__6. 3.2 beer

__7. "Morro Castle"

__8. Sit-down strikes

__9. March 3, 1933

__10. Pebeco

__11. Little Ceasar

A. Bank holiday declared by FDR.

B. Alcoholic beverage that was legalized in 1932.

C. Magazine that went out of business after predicting Alf Landon landslide in 1936 presidential election.

D. Toothpaste marketed with saturation ads.

E. Cardboard and tarpaper shacks built by men out of work.

F. German dirigible that exploded and burned at Lakeview, NJ, 1937, with 36 fatalities.

G. Symbol of the National Recovery Administration (NRA).

H. World's tallest building, New York City, completed in 1930; 1,414 feet high.

I. With Edward G. Robinson as "Rico" it set the style for flood of gangster movies, 1930.

J. American ocean liner that burned and sank off New Jersey coast, 1934, with 134 dead; thousands watched from shore.

K. Workers occupied plants to prevent replacements from breaking strike. First were in 1932 against rubber companies.


Group III, People (Groups)

__ 1. Henry S. Caulfield, Guy B. Parks, Lloyd C. Stark

__2. "Okies"

__3.Charles Curtis, John N. Garner, Henry Wallace

__ 4. Gen George Patton, Maj. Dwight Eisenhower

__ 5. Roscoe C. Patterson, Bennett Champ Clark, Harry S. Truman

__6.Raymond Moley, Rexford Guy Tugwell, Adolph A. Berle Jr.

A. Vice presidents of the United States.

B. Represented Missouri in the U.S. Senate.

C. Slang term for displaced farmers and farm workers.

D. FDR's "Brain Trust."

E. Governors of Missouri.

F. Among officers who, under Gen. Douglas MacArthur, evicted "Bonus Army" from Washington D.C., 1939.

Group IV, Individuals

__1. Frances Perkins

__2. Edward O'Neal

__3. Theodore Bilbo

__4. John A. Simpson

__5. Al Capone

__6. Norman Thomas

__7. Amelia Earhart

__8. John L. Lewis

__9. Stan Musial

__10. Harold Ickes

__11. Barbara Hutton

__12. Huey P. Long

__13. Martin Dies

__14. Harry Hopkins

__15. William Z. Foster

__16. Dr. Francis E. Townsend

__ 17. The Rev. Charles Edward Coughlin

__18. Charles Evans Hughes

__19. Eleanor Roosevelt

__20. John Dillinger

__21. Dr. John R. Binkley

A. Head of the United Mine Workers, organizer of Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).

B. Perennial presidential candidate of the Socialist Party.

C. Secretary of Labor; first female cabinet member.

D."Goat gland" surgeon; sold patent medicines over radio station in Kansas.

E. Known as the "assistant president" to FDR.

F. St. Louis Cardinal; chosen to baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.

G. Senator from Mississippi; known for racist remarks.

H. Californian who proposed government pay $200 a month to unemployed persons over 60.

I. Wrote newspaper column, "My Day."

J. President of the American Farm Bureau Federation

K. Radio priest who broadcast "The Golden Hour of the Little Flower" from Royal Oak, Michigan.

L. Gangster jailed for income tax cheating.

M. Communist Party's candidate for president.

N. Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court

O. Leader of American Farmer's Union

P. Self-styled "Curmudgeon;" Secretary of Interior

Q. The Kingfish;" his movement was "Every man a king!" Died 1935 of assassin's bullets.

R .Public Enemy #1. Ambushed and killed in Chicago by 27 FBI agents.

S. Noted aviatrix, who with navigator was lost over Pacific, 1937.

T. Woolworth heiress; got $45 million on 21st birthday.

U. Chairman, House Special Committee on Un-American Activities.

(Answers to Quiz on page 46)


(p. 46) The Answers

Group I, Authors and Artists Group II, Places and Things Group III, People (Groups)

C 1

H 2

G 3

J 4

A 5

B 6

D 7

L 8

E 9

K 10

I 11

F 12

E 1

G 2

F 3

C 4

H 5

B 6

J 7

K 8

A 9

D 10

I 11

E 1

C 2

A 3

F 4

B 5

D 6

Group IV, Individuals


C 1

J 2

G 3

O 4

L 5

B 6

S 7

A 8

F 9

P 10

T 11

Q 12

U 13

E 14

M 15

H 16

K 17

N 18

I 19

R 20

D 21


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