Vol. VIII, No. 2, 1995

The Life Reminiscence of Thelma Keithley Bilyeu, 1915 --

In This Issue


Introducing Thelma and Hosea Bilyeu

by Robert Flanders


My Life Story

by Thelma Keithley Bilyeu


The Hundred Nights Revival of 1933

by Thelma Bilyeu


Going to California:

Reminiscence of Bobby Jo Bilyeu


Keithley, Cupp, Bilyeu

Kin Chart and Photo Gallery


Conversations with Thelma Bilyeu


The Cupps, My Mother's Family


Reminiscence of J.W.A. Keithley, 1933

NOTE: This issue of OzarksWatch is Volume VIII, Number 2, 1995, continuing the new numbering format begun with the previous issue, "Health and Healing."

ERRATA: The double issue "Roads and Rails" of last year, numbered "Volume VII, Number 2," should have been numbered "Volume VII, Numbers 2 and 3." Continuing the error, the next issue, "In The Time of the Depression," was labeled "Number 3," instead of "Number 4," as it should have been.


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