Vol. VIII, No. 2, 1995

Thelma and Hosea Bilyeu Family Photos

Hosea and Thelma moving to Dry Hollow, 1942.
Barbara, Bobby, at left. Emma Lou was "on the way."
Thelrna and Hosea's place in Dry Hollow, probably early 1960's. The family lived here for eighteen years, and the children grew up here.


Thelma with baby Anita. Hosea, Emma Lou, Gay Lea, 1945.
Thelma and Hosea Bilyeu family,
1946. From left rear: Barbara,
Hosea, Thelma, Bobby Jo.
In front: Anita, Emma Lou, Gay Lea.
Photo at Dry Hollow home.
Thelma and Hosea Bilyeu, Fiftieth Anniversary photo, 1983.


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