Vol. IX, No. 1, 1996

Photo Gallery

Current driven ferry, 1910.
Charles Phelps Cushing Photo.
"Blind Tiger," illegal whiskey still, ca. 1920's.
Lloyd Matthews Collection,
Center for Ozark Studies (COS).


U.S. Forest service photo, 1937.
Mark Twain National Forest.
Posed photo, ca. 1910
Lloyd Matthew Collection, COS


Leland Negaard, Prosecuting
Attorney, Shannon County, 1978.
Photo: Robert Moore.
"Judge" Drehard in his store, 1977.
Photo: Robert Moore.


Photo: Charles Phelps Cushing, ca. 1920 COS.
Mail and passenger
hack, Ava to Gainesville run.
Photo: Charles Phelps Cushing
1910, COS.



Price Collection, COS.
Kenny Pyatt, left. Unidentified stave bolt cutter, right. Shannon County, 1977.
Photo: Robert Moore.
Rawleigh salesman, ca. 1920. Courtesy Price Collection, COS.
Results of a wolf hunt. U.S. Forest Service photo, 1937. Mark Twain National Forest.


Cover Photo:
Eugene Amsden, Ellington, Reynolds County.
Photo: Elsa Hasch & Missouri Magazine
Inside cover photo:
Fair Grove Square, ca. 1920.

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