Vol. IX, No. 3, 1996

Photo Gallery

Before construction: a view of farmland upstream from the dam site.
May 1944, the future site of Bull Shoals Dam as it looked from a ridge downstream.
The same photograph as above with a cut-out view of a scale model of the dam superimposed.

Bull Shoals of the White River, September 1946.
Ferry crossing the river upstream from the shoals.

September 1947.
November 1948 view of the dam site showing the Coffer Dam in the foreground. The Coffer Dam was built to divert the river around the dam site.
May 1950.

Views from the right abutment: May 1946.
September, 1947.
December 1948.

Aerial view showing the diversion of the river, August 1948.
Upstream toward the dam site showing the seven-mile conveyer belt, December 1948.
Aerial view, December 1948.

Mexican labors working on the rail line to the dam site.
Night Construction at Bull shoals Dam.
The dam nears completion, December 1951.

Cover Photo
Photos, courtesy of the Corps of Engineers.


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