Vol. IX, No. 4, 1996

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Emanuel Woods

Photos and poem from the Scottie L. Snider Collection, Ozark, MO.

Author of poem unknown.

Emanuel's Grand Old Opry
Where is the crowd on Saturday night?
It's really not much of a riddle;
They're all in Ozark for music and songs
And hear Emanuel play the fiddle.
He fiddles out Cindy and January eighth
Waggoner and Old Joe Clark;
Let your ears guide you, there's music galore
On Main Street 'long after dark.
There's John joining in with a mean guitar
And Kelly with a fiddling bass;
Picking out hoedowns from long long ago
Back from the good ole days.
I've heard of a place down in Nashville
That's tried very hard to copy;
The show that's put on each Saturday night
at Emanuel's Grand Old Op'ry.


The Ozark's Grand Old Opry was a regular weekend pastime in Ozark, MO. During the 1950's through 1970's


Building where the Ozark Grand Old Opry was, on the North side of the Ozark Square.

Torn down in the late 1970's


Byron "By" Kelly On Bass

[24 ]

Photo form the from cover -- Fishing on the Finley in Ozark, Missouri.
Also from the Scottie L. Snider Collection

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