Volume 1, Number 8 - Summer 1963

How To Preserve America's Freedom

by Tommy Mayes

Tommy MayesPreserving the freedom that Americans hold so dear is a duty all citizens should recognize. As the youth of America, we are learning the importance and the wonderful atmosphere of nationwide freedom. Our teachers are attempting to show us the reasons behind our freedom. Knowing the way freedom is fought for in Communist countries, many are waking to the danger of losing ours. An important aspect of preserving freedom is placing good, intelligent persons in public offices. After that is done, they must know that the people believe in them.

Citizens should take an interest in the works of the government heads. Letting our nation be placed in the hands of incompetent people would be a step backwards. People with an interest in the affairs of state guard it.

One could work in a small community by paying attention to local affairs. Some businesses endanger the freedom by monopolizing trade by pushing out weaker tradesmen. Keeping the market open for all people is very important. During the year you read many startling articles about the manner in which some organzations attempt to better the wages or employment situation. Going on strikes, in my opinion, is very hard on trade. It sometimes blocks the way for hundreds of people to earn their weekly or monthly wages by putting them out of work. They sometimes lose much more than they could possibly gain. That may weaken our freedoms.

In summary, by working together toward a goal in life and constantly doing so, the freedoms of America should be long and lasting.


What America Means To Me
by John Paul (Buddy) Barton

John Paul (Buddy) Barton America is a great land with the privilege to vote for the people to make the laws, and the privilege to worship God in your own way. Not always has America had its freedoms, and not always has it been free from slavery. Once we were ruled by England, and once there were many slaves.

There were many great men who knew what was right and wrote a constitution. One of our great men was Thomas Jefferson, our third president. There was Patrick Henry who gave the speech at St. John's Church and said, "Give me liberty or give me death." And there was Abe Lincoln who helped free the slaves.

There were many wars that many died in. The war against England and the war between the States. Where have all these wars gotten us? They've gotten us freedom of speech, freedom to vote, and freedom to worship God in our own way.

We have built our country from a few log cabins to a busy, industrial country. We have many great inventions. Now we have new ways of living and traveling. Soon we will be traveling to places many people would never dream of. Maybe we will go to the moon, other planets, and maybe to other solar systems.



by Jean Berry

America means a lot to me. America is a wonderful place to live, and it means a lot when you have a mother and father, a house to live in, friends to play with, people to visit, a school to go to, and a church where we worship God. We have good food to eat, and we have the privilege to get new clothes and permanents, and go to birthday parties.

We have freedom of speech and the freedom of action. When we go to school, we have good desks to sit at, books to read, and dictionaries to learn to spell from. And it is nice that kids have a way to school and a way back home, the ones who live quite a ways from school. Maybe in Russia they don't but in Branson we do and in Hollister and Springfield. At school we make new friends, too.

I don't know about you, but America has always meant a lot to me, and we should be thankful for the things we cook with, and having a good bed to sleep in, and toys to play with, and when our holidays come. Christmas and Easter are the most important holidays to me, because Jesus was born on Christmas and Jesus rose on Easter.

(This concludes the series of winning essays in the annual contest of the Branson Business and Professional Women's Club).


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