Volume 3, Number 10 - Winter 1970


With all officers and three board members present at the planning meeting held on November 30, a tentative schedule for the Society meeting was set out.

We discussed, at length, procedures for securing and publishing more history of our area and for establishing stronger ties of fellowship and friendliness among our members.

We voted to hold four meetings of the entire membership during the calendar year, with board members acting as hosts. The Winter Meeting of the Society membership to be held at The School of the Ozarks at 6:30 p.m. in the College Dining Hall. At that time Mrs. Lucille Morris Upton of Springfield, author of The Baldknobbers and noted columnist will speak. Mrs. Helen Fletcher, Board Member from Taney County will be hostess. Mr. John Mizell, Head of the music department at The School of the Ozarks will entertain.

Then in March or early April, the date to be announced later, members of the Society and their guests will meet at Rock Ridge in Ozark County. There, Mr. J. Elmer Curry, of Ava, and Mrs. Stella Luna of Gainesville, Board Members, will be hosts for the day. Rock Ridge, one of the oldest communities of Ozark County, will put on a spring beauty display, including the old mill and the old printing press, and a fish dinner, typical of the area, so excellent.

I hope to welcome you, at the Winter Meeting at the College Dining Hall, The School of the Ozarks, at 6:30.

By holding the meetings in different counties, every member in the White River Valley area will find it easy to attend at least three of the meetings. By holding the meetings four times a year, the members from other sections of Missouri and those from other states who visit the Ozarks, each year, will find it easy to arrange to attend one meeting of their Historical Society.

Dr. M. Graham Clark, President


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