Volume 5, Number 11 - Spring 1976

The Annual Meeting
June 13, 1976
Student Union School of the Ozarks

Those present constituting a quorum elected the following officers: President: Emory Melton, Cassville; First Vice-president, Douglas Mankey, Forsyth; Second Vice president, Gordon McCane, Springfield; Secretary-Treasurer, Ionamae Rebenstorf, Hollister, Historian, Elmo Ingenthron, Kirbyville.

Marvin Tong, curator of the Ralph Foster Museum, of The School of the Ozarks spoke on "Little Known Sources of Ozark History". A resume of that talk will be given in the next issue of the Quarterly.

The next meeting will be held September 12, in the Good Memorial Student Union Building at 12:45 noon; with each person going thru the Cafeteria line on arrival (even earlier if desired) and coming to the dining room assigned, there to socialize or visit.

Do you know these facts about our Society?— THAT three dollars pays you annual membership

dues and entitles you to receive the quarterly publication of this non-profit organization? All dues payable July 1st of each year.

THAT the Society solicits your help in obtaining new members. Each member sending in one new membership would insure continuation of the Quarterly in printed form. Lack of funds could force us to use less satisfactory duplicating methods or reduce the number of quarterlies issued.

THAT the Quarterly is compiled and edited from the material that is contributed? Gather reminiscences of the people who pioneered in the White River Valley and send them to the editor. Tomorrow may be too late.

THAT our Society now has an office on the campus of The School of the Ozarks thanks to Dr. M. Graham Clark. Dr. Howell Keeter and Dr. William Todd? It’s Room 111, Bailey Science Building. (first building behind the Administration Building)

THAT when you move or have a change of address the secretary must be notified if you wish to continue to receive our publication? It costs 35 cents to 45 cents to handle returned quarterlies and your society cannot absorb these fees. When corresponding with the office please enclose postage for reply.

THAT all checks should be made payable to The White River Valley Historical Society for dues, contributions and copies of the Quarterly, never to me personally?

Ionamae Rebenstorf (Mrs. Bert)

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