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Color Bingo

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Color Bingo

Make a game board by dividing a sheet of white paper into nine rectangle sections and coloring each rectangle a different color. Color nine index cards the same colors as the game board, one for each color. As you draw color cards at random, say the color name. Your child can mark that space on the gameboard with a marker - a coin, a cotton ball, or a small piece of paper. When you get three in a row, you win!


Two little blackbirds

Two little blackbirds, sitting on a hill, (Hold up two hands, fingers spread)
One named Jack, (Flap fingers on one hand)
one named Jill. (Flap fingers on other hand)
Fly away Jack. (Bring one hand behind back)
Fly away Jill. (Repeat with other hand)
Come back Jack. (Jack flies back out,)
Come back Jill. (Jill flies out)


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