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    Betsy Cornwell, Mechanica

  4. Pen name: Macaroon

    Age: 14 

    Title reviewed: Mechanica

    Author: Betsy Cornwell 

    Publisher: houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    The book was kinda like Cinderella only she didn’t have a fairy godmother. Mechanica was not hopeless that she needed a prince to save her from her step’s, she was capable of making things on her own with just a little magic, what she imagines, and some help from some mechanical insects.

    Cover appeal:
    It reminded me of  Maleficent but also the Lunar Chronicles were she was a mechanic. The cover was magical in its own way.

    Most compelling parts of the book:
    When she met Jules a little horse who is her best friend is now the great dressmaking horse she knows.

    Disappointments: none

    How would you rate this book?
    5 - Hard to imagine a better book

    Recommendations and final thoughts:
    Those who like old fairy tales who have a twist and to magical beings.

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