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  1. bestofpokemongo:

    Gotta catch em all - via

  2. Love Steven Universe?  Find Your Next Great Read.



    In the spirit of Steven Universe, we’ve put together a list of literary fusions that blend magic and science fiction with just a dash of weirdness and plenty of heart. Whether you are in the mood for a philosophical space opera or a cyber-infused, dystopian fairy tale, there is something on this list for you to enjoy.  

    For a bonus read, be sure to give Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon a try, as manga and anime are such a big influence on Steven Universe (and a copy of Sailor Moon can even be seen at the end of “House Guest”). 

    Happy Reading!

    - Post by Fisher in Information Services 

  3. bibliotheca-sanctus:

    Selexyz Dominicanen

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