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  1. Pen name: Rosemary
    Age:  14
    Title reviewed: Angel Fire
    Author: L.A. Weatherly
    Publisher: Candlewick Press


    Alex and Willow, after The Second Wave, are having a hard time finding recruits for a new AK, Angel Killer, team but that all changes when they go to a band concert and discover a new challenge and an old friend.

    Cover appeal:

    How she had the lines look like flames and the cover image didn’t reflect the contents, but the title did reflect the contents because of what happens later in the book.

    Most compelling parts of the book:

    For me, there was more than one compelling aspect in this book. The aspect that I found the most compelling aspect was when Alex decided that he and Willow were done, that he was going to break up with her, after what he heard her say about Seb.


    There was some boring chapters within the book, but other than that, no.

    How would you rate this book?

    4 - Better than most

    Recommendations and final thoughts:

    I would recommend this book to people who love action-packed adventures that has an unexpected twist in the middle.

  2. Programs for Young Adults          

    Monday, October 24, 2016

    By Hand: Art of the Zine - Willard Branch Library
    4 p.m. in the community room for grades 6-12.
    Self-published and low-cost, printed zines continue to grow in popularity as an intriguing form of self-expression. Find out more about the art form, zine collectives and how to create your own. Materials will be provided. Call 742-4258

    Movie Monday - Library Station
    6-8 p.m. in the Frisco Room for age 13-grade 12.
    “The 5th Wave,” rated PG-13 Join us for a movie and popcorn every fourth Monday of the month. Call 865-1340

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